Prepare to use new WS ILL features

WorldShare ILL Tip of the Week: Prepare for your library’s use of new WorldShare ILL features

OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan enhancements planned for release on November 10 will enable you to simplify ILL workflows and save time for your library’s ILL staff. This Tip provides advance information about several new features scheduled for availability in WorldShare ILL on November 10, so you can be ready to use them upon their release next week.

On Sunday, you will see several new features that will change how you use WorldShare ILL. These include:

  • Use of “Days to Respond” settings in the OCLC Policies Directory to manage variable lender aging (eliminates need for Enter My Symbol Twice)
  • Tighter integration of Article Exchange workflows within WorldShare ILL
  • Settings for changing copy to loan and loan to copy
  • Lender printing of book stickers
  • Display of links to freely available Open Access resources.

The following information will help you prepare for use of new features on November 10.

  • “Days to Respond” settings in the OCLC Policies Directory will add efficiency to request processing.

On November 10, lenders’ “Days to Respond” settings in the OCLC Policies Directory will display in staff workforms and holdings displays. In addition, WorldShare ILL will automatically use the “Days to Respond” setting from the Policies Directory when you select a lender that has set this value. This means WorldShare ILL will automatically provide lenders with the appropriate number of days to respond, based on their Policies Directory setting for 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 days. 

REMINDER: To benefit from automation of this workflow, make sure your “Days to Respond” value in the OCLC Policies Directory is accurate. You can choose whether your library uses the default of four days to respond or sets a value of 8, 12, 16 or 20 in the OCLC Policies Directory. 

For detailed instructions about preparing your Days to Respond setting, consult:


  • Integration of Article Exchange workflow into WorldShare ILL

On November 10, you will no longer need to leave WorldShare ILL to use Article Exchange for uploading or retrieving documents. This eliminates email messages to borrowers because document links are clearly visible in the AE Alert field.

Lenders can easily browse local files from within WorldShare ILL to select documents they wish to share. This new workflow eliminates the need to send email messages to borrowers; links will display in the AE Alert field.

Borrowers can view the “Article Exchange (AE) Alert” category on the WorldShare ILL homepage to see the number of requests with data in an Article Exchange Alert. Borrowers will no longer receive emails because links are delivered through the AE Alert field.

In addition, when borrowers open requests in the AE Alert queue, WorldShare ILL will automatically display an “Email to patron” button to speed delivery of needed documents to your patrons. This time-saving button will display for requests from libraries that use WorldShare ILL, ILLiad or VDX. When borrower and patron email addresses are present, the service will automatically enter these values plus citation data into an e-mail, along with information about how long the document will remain available in Article Exchange.

Additional details are provided in the November 2013 WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Release Notes:

 Lender option to change loan requests to copy requests and copy requests to loan requests.

On November 10, lenders may update requests they receive to correctly identify the type of transaction that fits the item requested. Using a drop-down box, lenders may select the value “loan” or “copy.” When this value is changed from Loan to Copy, the due date field disappears. Similarly, when this value is changed from Copy to Loan, the due date field displays.

This change will result in more accurate ILL statistics for lending libraries.

Additional details are provided in the November 2013 WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Release Notes:

 Lender printing of book stickers

In response to requests from OCLC ILL users, lenders may print book stickers in addition to book straps. To do this, lenders will select the Book Straps/Stickers button from the Print Queue.

Lenders then select the requests they want to print and indicate whether they want to print on 2-per-page or 6-per-page label stock.

Additional details are provided in the November 2013 WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Release Notes:


  • Display of links to freely available Open Access resources

Beginning November 10, WorldShare ILL will help borrowing libraries identify freely available Open Access resources that can be used to fill ILL requests. When a requested item is available in an Open Access resource, a link to that resource will display in the “Request Details” area of a request. Borrowers that fill requests with Open Access resources will quickly deliver needed items to requestors and save staff time. By managing Open Access fulfillment within WorldShare ILL, borrowing libraries ensure that these transactions are included in their system-supplied ILL statistics.


 Learn more about November WorldShare ILL enhancements


We will review all November enhancements to WorldShare ILL in a webinar on November 14. 

Webinar details:

Date:  Thursday, November 14
Time: 1:00 pm US Eastern time