Public Libraries: Non-Resident Fee Survey Now Available

IHLS is required to maintain a list on the IHLS website of non-resident program information from IHLS public libraries and to indicate whether or not a library participates in the non-resident fee program and what that fee is.  Each year IHLS asks all IHLS public libraries for this information.  This information is being gathered by a survey found at this link  The deadline for completion of the survey is June 15, 2014

Each public library board is required to take action each year on whether to participate in the non-resident program and to determine the fee for non-resident cards.  Additional information on the non-resident fee program can be found on the Illinois State Library website.

Below is the information you will be asked to supply in the survey:

  1. Name of Library
  2.  Name of Person Completing the Survey
  3. Email address of Person completing the Survey
  4. Does this library participate in the non-resident fee program? Answer Yes if your library participates in the program, No if your library does not participate or No if your library does not participate but does honor Non-resident cards.
    If you answer no, you have completed the survey. If you answer yes, please continue the survey.
  5. What method does your library use to calculate the non-resident fee? Mathematical Formula- Tax Bill – System Average
  6. By the mathematical formula, our library will charge the following fee for FY 2014
  7. Please give the date of the meeting this year where the Library Board adopted the Non-resident fee.
  8. If this fee becomes effective on a date other than July 1, 2014, please give the effective date.

If you have any questions about the non-resident fee program or about the survey, please contact Beverly Obert, Resource Sharing Specialist, phone 217-352-0047 ext. 713 or by email