Searching for Candidates for IHLS Board of Directors Elections

The IHLS Nominating Committee is searching for potential candidates for the 2012 IHLS Board of Directors elections. If you're interested in serving on the board and would like the Nominating Committee to consider placing your name on the election ballot, please complete this survey: 

Please forward the survey to  board members, colleagues and others who may be interested in appearing on the ballot, and to anyone you feel would make a great candidate!

More details:

Deadline to complete the survey: March 26, 2012

The following positions on the board are up for election:

2 School Representatives
1 Public Library Representative
2 Public Library Trustee Representatives

The three year term of office begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Travel to monthly meetings is typically required.

The committee will consider all interested candidates. Please understand that sometimes not all interested candidates can appear on the ballot. There are several reasons for this. For example, the committee must create a ballot that will fill the vacant seats, and there are not necessarily vacant seats for each type of library; the committee must create a geographically balanced ballot; selecting too many candidates to run for a single seat can easily lead to a tie, possibly a re-vote, and may seriously delay the election process. The committee may also pair certain candidates against one another to ensure geographic balance or compliance with bylaws. This pairing method is borrowed from the Illinois Library Association's electronic board elections method. If you indicate your interest, but are not selected as a candidate, please understand that it is only a matter of logistics. Whether or not you are selected as a candidate, we commend you for your willingness to serve!

If you have questions or comments for the nominating committee, please feel free to contact us:

Diana Brawley Sussman, Committee Chair - Library Director - Carbondale Public Library
(618) 457-0354

Deanne Holshouser - Librarian Director - Edwardsville Public Library
(618) 692-7556

Nancy Huntley- Librarian - Lincoln Library -Main
(217) 753- 4900 ext. 219 or (217) 753-4521

Nina Pals - Librarian - Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital Medical Library
(217) 258-2262

Kim Keller - Librarian - Director - Bryan-Bennett Library - Salem, Illinois
(618) 548 - 3006