Set up a WorldShare ILL Account

  1. You will need to have your current OCLC ILL 9 digit authorization number and password, and OCLC Symbol.
  2. Create your account
    1. Browser Requirements, current versions of Firefox or Chrome or Internet Explorer versions 8 or 9.
    2.  You will receive an email after you register telling to go to a website to create your WorldShare account.
    3. Before creating your account watch this short tutorial   or

  1. This is an administrative account and only one account needs to be set up.  From this account you can set up logins and passwords for other staff members in your library.
  2. Don’t forget to bookmark the page to access your account.  They tell you when to do this.
  1. Create additional staff account.
    1. Before creating you other staff accounts watch this short tutorial -  or
    2. Create additional staff accounts as needed.
  2. Begin using WorldShare ILL. 
  3. Questions, contact Beverly Obert, Resource Sharing Specialist email; phone 217-352-0047 Ext 713 or contact OCLC Support phone 1-800-848-5800; email  When contacting OCLC be sure to have your OCLC Symbol handy.