Use library catalog links to confirm availability

REMINDER: Access to WorldCat Resource Sharing will end on May 19, 2014. On this date, the Resource Sharing tab will no longer display in the FirstSearch interface, and all ILL activity previously managed in WorldCat Resource Sharing will be managed in OCLC WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan.



This tip features information that will save time for ILL staff and potentially increase fill rates for ILL requests.


WorldShare Interlibrary Loan enables ILL staff to confirm availability of requested items by linking to library catalogs.  


  •  Borrowers can link from a staff workform to confirm local availability before initiating a request and can link to catalogs of potential lenders to determine availability before including them in the lending string. 

  • Lenders can link to their own catalogs from lending requests to quickly determine whether requested items are available for loan. For example, WorldShare ILL users will see the following options for linking to library catalogs.

To effectively use this library catalog linking feature in WorldShare ILL, borrowing and lending libraries must maintain up-to-date catalog links in the “Online Catalog” area of the WorldCat Registry settings in OCLC Service Configuration:


To make sure links to your library’s catalog are working as they should, either log on to OCLC Service Configuration to review and update your links or let OCLC staff make the updates for you.


1.     Ask OCLC staff to update links to your library’s catalog. OCLC staff with experience in setting up these links will set up links to your library’s catalog for you. Just complete the catalog link information form with the needed information, and we will do the rest!

Your updated library catalog link information will be active in WorldShare ILL by the end of the business day following your submission.

2.     Update library catalog links yourself. If you already have an account to access OCLC Service Configuration, log on to the site at and navigate to the “Online Catalog” area of the section for WorldCat Registry settings. You will see the option to “Suggest Links.” This tool will help you confirm that the links you enter are in the appropriate format for the type of catalog at your library. Once you enter your updated link data, it will be active within 24 hours.


For additional information about setting up or updating links to your library’s catalog:

·         Consult the “Online Catalog” area of the WorldCat Registry section of the OCLC Service Configuration Guide documentation

·         Contact OCLC Customer Support at or OCLC Support in your region for assistance with using Article Exchange for document delivery.

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