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Access to WorldCat Resource Sharing will end on Monday, May 19, 2014.
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The integration of OCLC® Article Exchange workflows into OCLC WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan is often mentioned by OCLC ILL users as a favorite feature of the new service. Members tell us they like to use Article Exchange in WorldShare ILL because it saves time for their ILL borrowing and lending activities. 


Some reasons for Article Exchange’s growing use are:

  • One location for all ILL workflows. Library staffs upload and retrieve documents in Article Exchange from within WorldShare ILL, eliminating the need to leave the service to share documents.  
  •  Secure delivery of large documents. Article Exchange eliminates security issues often encountered when documents are transmitted through e-mail. Files up to 60 MB—including high-resolution documents—can be placed on the site for pick-up by library users.
  • Homepage alerts mean fewer e-mails. The “AE Alert” field on a library’s WorldShare ILL homepage clearly indicates the number of Article Exchange items that require attention. This means lenders do not need to use e-mail to inform borrowers about access to requested documents, and borrowers can quickly see that documents are ready for their use.

Here is an example of a borrower’s homepage, with the “AE Alert” field highlighted:


borrower homepage image


The URL and password for the Article Exchange item automatically populate the “AE Alert” field.  Borrowers retrieve records with the Article Exchange URL and password, which they can then send to requestors via e-mail, using the “Email to patron” button that displays automatically. The “Email to patron” button displays for requests from libraries that use WorldShare ILL, ILLiad or VDX.

When borrower and patron e-mail addresses are present, the service automatically enters these values plus citation data into an e-mail, along with information about how long the document will remain available in Article Exchange.

  • Fewer steps to share documents. Lenders now need only three clicks to upload documents in Article Exchange. Just browse local files from within WorldShare ILL to select documents to upload and click “Drop file.”


upload of documents steps image



  • Preview documents before sharing.  The preview button allows lenders to confirm the document they uploaded is the correct document for the request.  The preview button allows borrowers to confirm that the document is the correct item requested by their patron.



preview image




SAVE THE DATE:  A webinar about the custom version of Article Exchange is planned for June 12, 2014 at 2:00 pm Eastern (North America).  Watch for information about how to register for this event.

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Documentation: OCLC Article Exchange in WorldShare Interlibrary Loan
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