Job Descriptions

Executive and Administrative | Financial | IMSA | IT | Operations | SHARE



Accounts Payable Coordinator

Chief Fiscal Officer

OCLC Billing Accounts Payable Coordinator

Staff Accountant (AP)

Executive and Administrative

Administrative Assistant  (July 2014)

Communications Assistant

Executive Assistant  (July 2014)

Human Resources Assistant (August 2014)

Human Resources Director  (July 2014)

Grants and Membership Director  (July 2014)


IMSA Manager  (July 2014)

Lead Machine Advisor  (July 2014)

Machine Clerk  (July 2014)

Patron Service Coordinator  (July 2014)


IT Director  (July 2014)

IT Specialist  (July 2014)

Network Administrator  (July 2014)

Web Developer  (July 2014)


Courier Driver  (July 2014)

Custodian  (July 2014)

Operations Assistant  (July 2014)

Operations Director  (July 2014)

Operations Manager  (July 2014)

Operations Relief  (July 2014)

Page/Sorter  (July 2014)


Administrative Services Specialist (July 2014)

Bibliographic Project Coordinator  (July 2014)

Cataloger  (July 2014)

Cataloging Assistant I  (July 2014)

Cataloging Assistant II  (July 2014)

Cataloging Supervisor  (July 2014)

Circulation Specialist  (July 2014)

E-Book Trainer/Coordinator  (July 2014)

Reporting Services Specialist (July 2014)

Resource Sharing Specialist  (July 2014)

School and OPAC Specialist (July 2014)

SHARE Manager for Administrative Services  (July 2014)

SHARE Manager for Bibliographic Services  (July 2014)

SHARE Manager for Staff Services  (July 2014)

Tech Support Specialist (July 2014)