Linking Your Catalog for WorldShare ILL

With the migration from WorldCat Resource sharing to the WorldShare platform, the place where the URLs for your catalog reside has changed.  In WorldShare the catalog links need to be updated in the library’s WorldCat Registry. 

There are two ways to do this—

The first way is to contact OCLC directly by following the steps below and updating the links yourself.

  1. If you need access to the Service Configuration website, email with your name, email address, and OCLC Symbol, along with a request for access to the WorldCat Registry for your library.  If you already have this access go to step 2.
  2. Once you have access,, put in your username and password, then go into WorldCat Registry > Online Catalog module
  3. Here you will find the places to add the OPAC Links.  There are four, the base URL, then URL’s for ISBN, ISSN, and OCLC #.  Once you have entered this data, scroll down and click on Save to save the changes that you have made.

The second way is once you have signed into our WS ILL account, go to the Message Board.  This is the last box in the middle of the page.  You can “Ask OCLC staff to update links to your library’s catalog.”  They ask you to complete and submit a link form with the information needed. 

For the question Library System use?  Polaris ILS 4.1R2.1139

You will need to find the unique Base URL’s for your library’s catalog link.  Follow these steps to finding the base URL and others.

Step one:  You need to have the link to the catalog.  You can find the web address at
Put in your zip code and click on the link to take you to your catalog page.  Once in the catalog copy the URL from the address bar so that you have it to enter into WorldCat Registry.  This will be different from the web address and will end in a series of numbers.

Step two:  In the URL you copied above near the end you will see ctx= and some numbers.  (Example ctx=459.1033.0.0.1)  The numbers after the = and before the first dot are your library’s location code. 


Copy the above link into the WorldCat Registry.  Be sure to include the = sign.  Replace the xxx after ctx with the location code of your library.

For length of ISBN search click the radial button for Use 10 digits


Copy the above link in the space provided in the WorldCat Registry, include the = at the end.  Replace the xxx after ctx with the location code of your library.

OCLC Number Link

Do the same here copy the above link, including the = sign at the end and paste into the proper spot in the WorldCat Registry.  Replace the xxx after ctx with the location code of your library.

For the question does your catalog require insertion of leading zeros before search terms? reply NO

Also for the OCLC Number mark the radial button before the words Do not add prefix to the OCLC Number.

! Don’t forget to save the changes that you have made.