WorldCat Discovery Services

Access to OCLC databases?

With our libraries move to WorldShare ILL, how do our patron access to the OCLC databases to search?

Patrons have access to FirstSearch by going to  

This link can be placed on the library web page.  If you have set up IP linking in the FirstSearch Administrative module when patrons click on the link within the library they will go directly into the databases.

Patrons can request a book in FirstSearch if you have set this up in the FirstSearch Administrative Module.  Those request will go to a review file in WorldShare just like they did in the Resource Sharing.


WorldCat Discovery Instructions

Start your Transition to World Cat Discovery with these steps:

Step 1 Go to and in the gray box on the right Click the Blue button that reads, “Register to get your WorldCat Discovery URL”.

Step 2 Complete the information on the “Start your transition” form and submit the form.  You will receive a “Thank you for Registering…” message.

Step 3 A Registration confirmation for WorldCat Discovery Services will be sent via email. This email states that you will receive a personalized welcome letter within the next 2-5 business days that will include specific information for your library.

They also include things that you can do before the letter comes.


As a reminder, here are 3 quick things you can do right now, while cooperative staff prepare your account for WorldCat Discovery:

1. Update your WorldCat Registry information

2. Request access to the WorldCat knowledge base, if you have an OCLC cataloging subscription

3. Print the collections checklist PDF, so you can quickly compare your licensed content to what’s in the central index and be ready to turn on access


Step 4 When the letter arrives via email with your WorldCat Discovery Welcome Materials it will tell you the following—

Your unique URL for using the service.

Information about Customizing your WorldCat Discovery.  This includes a link to a document that will walk you step-by-step through the customization.  They also include your OCLC Service Configuration User Name

One aspect of the customizing is deep linking the Polaris Opac links.  You may have already established these links.  Documentation on how to do this linking with the Polaris Pac can be found here “Linking Your Catalog for WorldShare ILL

To assist you OCLC has established open office hours to help you configure your WorldCat Discovery settings in Service Configuration.

Additional training, support and information can be found at the following links:

For instructor led courses, recorded training courses, and Tutorials go to this link

For printed documentation use this link.

The Getting started with WorldCat Discovery page, located here


When you register for WorldCat Discovery the person completing the form is automatically added to the WorldCat Discovery listserv.  An email message about this listserv is sent at the same time as the welcome materials.