SLING Organization

The former Lewis & Clark Library System had an organization of school librarians called SLING (I can't remember what that stands for right now...). We are still meeting 4 times a year, and have a few possibilities for summer activities (which would provide CPDUs).

Our activities and meetings are in the Edwardsville area, but we were considering having at least one vTel meeting, if there is insterest from librarians who are farther away.

We believe there are other legacy systems that had (or have) a School Librarians organization, and would like to somehow be kept informed of opportunities throughout the IHLS.

This forum is one way to communicate, so pass this information along to your school librarians.

Also, we have a schools email list that we still utilize --, which you can join if you want to be kept informed.

Any other ideas about how we can open the lines of communication?

My favorite thing about belonging to a library system is the networking I get to do with other librarians.

Annette Mills

Triad High School


I think it is a good way to network with other librarians.  Good idea, Annette!

Nancy Genteman

Highland High School

Yes, good idea. Personally, I find a definite need for communication & exchange of ideas with other school librarians. Also, I will appreciate the email postings. Thanks for the post. 


Susan Yallaly

Teutopolis Unit 50

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