Ezra Jack Keats Foundation Mini-Grants Program

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation offers Mini-Grants to public schools, public libraries, and public preschool programs in the United States and its territories.

Grants of up to $500 are provided for projects that foster creative expression, working together, and interaction with a diverse community.

Ezra Jack Keats Mini-Grants have been used in a number of successful school and library programs, including:

  • an ongoing pen pal project bringing together disparate communities;
  • a multicultural portrait project;
  • an art project culminating in an art show, a mural, or a quilt;
  • bookmaking;
  • creating and performing a puppet show;
  • an intergenerational journal or activity;
  • a theater production;
  • a newspaper or other publication;
  • an intergenerational activity; and,
  • a program that brings disparate communities together.

Grants are not provided for general operating or administrative costs, salaries, or fees.

Private schools, parochial schools, and charter schools are not eligible to apply.

For additional information, and an application, click http://www.ezra-jack-keats.org/section/ezra-jack-keats-mini-grant-program-for-public-libraries-public-schools/