Free Library Human Resources Webinar Series

Library Human Resources Webinar Series, brought to you by IHLS Illinois Heartland Library System and presented by HR Source

IHLS has partnered with the human resource experts at HR Source to bring IHLS members a series of FREE webinars on important HR topics. Join us for one or all--as many staff from your library as you would like. 

HR Source sessions typically range in cost from $35 to $250, but these webinars are FREE for all IHLS-member libraries--any number of individuals per library! 


Scheduled Webinars:

HR Department of (N)one

April 23, 2020
10-11:30 a.m.


Flying Solo? Even though you’re an HR department of one, you don’t need to navigate all alone. This special session is designed just for you! Join your fellow professionals who are leading the HR charge unaccompanied for a facilitated discussion of breakthroughs, epiphanies, and eureka moments in handling tactical, day-to-day HR issues as well as strategic initiatives.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Outsourcing appropriate tasks
  • Managing limited budgets
  • Overcoming time constraints
  • Pushing important issues through the management chain

Making Meetings Work

May 18, 2020
1-2:30 p.m.


“I accept that people look at their watches, but what I do not tolerate is when they look at it and raise it to their ear to find out if it stopped.” —Winston Churchill

Are meetings taking over your day? Do meetings provide solutions or just more questions? Learn how to make meetings concise, productive, and even fun!

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Meeting preparation: identifying the right attendees, appropriate agenda, and effective contextual information
  • Meeting management
  • Conflict resolution between attendees
  • Effectively communicating follow-up responsibilities

Leading Up, Out, and Down

June 16, 2020
3-4:30 p.m.


It is essential managers and supervisors are trained to be excellent leaders. Your supervisors and managers will learn practical ways to increase their leadership effectiveness throughout your organization.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Understand how values affect leadership styles
  • Turn elements of leadership into concrete behaviors
  • Identify key differences between a leader and a manager
  • Develop personal leadership strategies in terms of upward, outward, downward, and inward influence

Additional Details

The Library Human Resources Webinar Series is brought to IHLS-member libraries by Illinois Heartland Library System.

As many library staff members/trustees may attend per library as desired but each participant must register.

Separate registration is required for each session. 

Sessions will not be recorded.

Presented by the Experts at HR Source

HR Source has been a leader in providing service to employers for over a century. Through the years, the association has directed all of its efforts towards achieving a single purpose: to keep organizations strong, prosperous and competitive by partnering to strengthen their human resource practices. Today, our strong and growing not-for-profit organization serves a diverse array of over 1100 employers including manufacturers, public employers, financial service providers, and social service agencies.

Our association delivers first-rate training and development programs, timely information, local and national benchmarking data, forums for member networking, and a menu of solutions to current management challenges. Our services focus on training employees to keep pace with today's constantly changing work environment, complying with complex regulations, attracting and retaining talent, and building relationships with other employers and valuable resources.

HR Source’s dedicated and experienced staff strive to provide our members and clients with the most current information, counsel and best practices available. We believe the human side of the organization is the key differentiating factor and we endeavor to offer employers effective and efficient services that allow them to thrive.