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Items Lost or Damaged in Transit

Updated Aug. 1, 2023

The ILLINET Code reads "If damage or loss occurs, the requesting library is responsible for compensation in accordance with the policy of the supplying library."

IHLS recognizes that there are cases where the damage/loss occurs within our delivery system. For those items, we will reimburse the library "in accordance with the policy of the supplying library".

Library Responsibilities “after 30 days of missing”

  1. Contact the receiving library to verify the item is not on their shelf.
  2. Check your own shelf to verify the item is not there.
  3. Initiate an IHLS Delivery Help Desk Ticket by selecting "Lost or Damaged Item." Please give details such as when the item was put into delivery, the destination library name, did the destination library receive it, and if so, when did they put it back into delivery. These details will help us to investigate. An IHLS employee will contact you if they need any further information and/or have instructions on the next step.

Contact the Delivery Help Desk

IHLS Responsibilities

  1. Promptly respond to the library regarding the lost item with any request for further information.
  2. If the lost item is determined to be lost within IHLS delivery, we will request the library to submit an invoice to us. We also will look to see if we are able to replace the item at a lower cost and will offer that option to the library. The library has the final say as to whether they want the item replaced or would like reimbursement by check.
  3. If there is no clear cut resolution, (and this is a possibility) IHLS will work with the library to resolve the issue with a mutually acknowledged solution.

IHLS does not believe our members are trying to take advantage of the system. And by the same token, IHLS will not ignore our role in resource sharing. The key is working together. IHLS member libraries and our IHLS organization work great together

Please feel free to contact your hub manager or our delivery and facilities director with any comments, concerns and/or questions.