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CMC Catalogs: Mississippi Valley Library District Binge Boxes

Illinois Heartland Library System

Published : May. 23, 2023
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CMC Catalogs: Mississippi Valley Library District Binge Boxes

Many outcomes can arise from attending library conferences. You might get to meet librarians you have networked with during different committees throughout the year or learn about new and exciting products that vendors are offering. Or you can have a library tell you about a special collection they’d love your assistance cataloging. This last instance is what the Cataloging Maintenance Center (CMC) encountered last October at the Illinois Library Association’s Annual Conference when Mississippi Valley Library District (MVLD) approached the CMC during their presentation and asked if we would be willing to catalog a collection of binge boxes for them.

In December, the Cataloging Maintenance Center began receiving a variety of DVD binge boxes from Mississippi Valley Library District that covered topics from romantic comedies to horror to 1950s sci-fi films. To catalog these binge boxes, the catalogers created records that covered each DVD title in the box, including information about summaries, actors, subject headings, etc. This allows for each binge box to not only be searchable by the individual title created for a binge box (such as "Binge Box: Angelina Jolie") but also allows patrons to find information about the DVDs included within the set. For example, the Binge Box: Angelina Jolie included Salt, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and eight other titles with varying actors, subject headings, and more.

 For all these binge boxes, the Cataloging Maintenance Center utilized OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards and the OCLC Connexion client to catalog these items. Added are a couple of pictures of some of the binge boxes, including our above example of the Binge Box: Angelina Jolie.

Do you have a special collection such as this that you need to have cataloged? Contact the Cataloging Maintenance Center about this free service and see if your items qualify at!

Photo of a DVD case labeled Binge Box: Horror 2 and several booklets


A photo of the Angelina Jolie binge box and several booklets

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