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Delivery On the Go (DOG): Same-Day Delivery for Downstream Libraries

Illinois Heartland Library System

Published : Jul 28, 2021
Delivery News

Delivery On the Go (DOG): Same-Day Delivery for Downstream Libraries

Delivery On the Go (DOG) is where a library on a downstream route has requested an item from an upstream library. If tagged for DOG delivery, that item may be able to be delivered later that very same day. DOG deliveries are only available if that library is on the same route as your library, and delivery is scheduled to arrive at the receiving library later that day.

We will do our best to deliver those items that same day. There may be times when that is not possible, but we are striving for that service to be offered. The Statewide Delivery Committee recommendations say, “As a statewide best practice that enables same-day delivery, libraries have the option, in order to accommodate an immediate or a special circumstance’s interlibrary loan need, to sort and separate items for libraries following theirs when those libraries are on the same delivery route and when those libraries receive a delivery that same day.”

To send an item via IHLS Delivery On the Go

The items that are going downstream on the route need to be:

  • labeled for the downstream library, and
  • put on top of the delivery tub that is being picked up. If you have several items going to that same library, please package them separately in a box or sturdy bag. If you do not have another container/bag to place the items in, please call your hub manager, and they will try to find some bags that may be used for this purpose.

Again, each item needs to have a label on it. You may group together multiple items for the same library into a bag/container.

Qualifying Items

To determine if a receiving library is downstream from your library's route, navigate to the Routes page of the Delivery section of the IHLS website. You will see all the libraries on your route. If a library is down the line on your library's route, you can send it via Delivery On the Go, and we will make our best effort to deliver the item that day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, Susan Palmer, or your delivery manager with any questions or concerns.

Susan Palmer

Operations Director

Illinois Heartland Library System