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New Delivery Customer Ticketing Software

Illinois Heartland Library System

Published : Jul 28, 2021
Delivery News

New Customer Ticketing Software has arrived!

IHLS delivery staff have been testing our new customer ticketing software and are now at the stage where we feel we can release it to everyone. We ask that you please be patient! We are confident that any “bugs” will be worked out, as our members begin to utilize the software.

The customer ticketing software is a help desk for delivery, and we hope it will be quite useful. For instance, you are needing to let us know that your parking lot is being paved and our driver needs to park somewhere else. Open up your library’s email and send an email to, in the subject field; put the name of your library and then simply state your message to delivery staff in the body of the message. Be sure to use the address associated with your L2 ( account. If you accidentally send it from an “unrecognized” email address, the system will route it to the delivery staff.

On our end, your email is routed to your hub’s delivery manager, who will respond directly to your message. Please note once your email is sent, nothing can be deleted from this system. There will always be a record of your request and our interaction with you.

The software allows us to track “types” of emails. Perhaps members are experiencing a large number of damaged items, and we can track them by location and modify our internal processes. Or maybe we see a pattern that the damaged items seem only to come from one location. Again, that helps us address the problem.

You may also send an email praising something a driver has done or particularly a good service that was given. Just shoot us an email!

Do not hesitate to contact your delivery hub manager or Susan Palmer, Operations Director, with any questions or concerns.