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Protecting Media Cases

Illinois Heartland Library System

Published : Jul 28, 2021
Delivery News

Protecting Media Cases

The IHLS Delivery Team is aware of ongoing concerns with the breakage of media cases when items are sent through delivery. Even though most original media cases are not designed to travel through shipping, as a courtesy to our members, each hub actively replaces severely damaged media cases when our staff comes across them. We are also implementing a new procedure this month to potentially further alleviate breakage. All media materials traveling from hub to hub via ILDS will be packed together in ILDS pink tubs lined with bubble wrap. We want to show our members that we are actively taking every precaution to protect your items. Please remember the Illinois State Library Delivery Advisory Committee recommendations state packaging for item safety and to minimize breakage is the responsibility of the owning library. However, the IHLS Delivery Team wants you to know we are making every effort to partner with you to keep items intact.

To further assist our members, we have researched packaging and found an inexpensive option that may appeal to some of you. ULINE 1-800-295-5510. Web address Item number S-10395. Item name DVD CASE MAILERS. Price $.49 each. Available in bundles of 50,100, or 500. For these quantities, the price does not change. Plus, another option can be found here