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Two Ways Libraries Can Keep IHLS Drivers—and Your Library Materials—Safe This Winter

Illinois Heartland Library System

Published : Sep. 2, 2021
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 Two Ways Libraries Can Keep IHLS Drivers—and Your Library Materials—Safe This Winter

IHLS Delivery is dedicated to serving our library members in a safe and effective manner. Recently, IHLS Delivery drivers and sorters have reported several instances of libraries overfilling tubs in weight or volume. This can lead to two main problems for libraries and for IHLS--both of which your library can help avoid!

First, filling tubs so that they are too heavy risks musculoskeletal injury for IHLS drivers and sorters with when lifting and transporting the over-weighted tubs. For the safety of our drivers and sorters, the weight maximum for tubs is 40 pounds. While large and heavy items may fit within a single tubs, please distribute heavy items among multiple tubs or sturdy boxes so they remain at or below the 40-pound weight limit.

Second, overfilling tubs in volume so that the tub lid does not completely and properly close, such that the lid catches on the handle but the materials make the lid bow, can result in damage to your and other libraries' materials. This is a particular risk during rain, snow, and other inclement weather. Overfilling tubs in volume likewise can create a hazard for IHLS drivers and sorters when packing and transporting the tubs. Rather than trying to fit those last few items into one tub, please re-distribute them among multiple tubs so that the lids are properly and completely closed.

If you need additional tubs to prevent overfilling, please be sure to reach out to your delivery hub manager. Alternatively, your library may send materials in a sturdy box. (If you want the box returned, please mark it with your library's name.)

Thank you for your cooperation!

Graphic depicting rain, back injury, and warning