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We're Considering an Automatic Material Handler

Illinois Heartland Library System

Published : Nov. 9, 2022
Last Updated: May. 2, 2024 - 2:48 pm
Automated Material Handling System project updates.

An Automatic Material Handler (AMH) may be the next innovative step in delivering benefits to member libraries.

Our Oct. 20 Members Matter featured a presentation and Q&A about the AMH and the impact this may have on member libraries. We are also forming an Ad Hoc Working Group to evaluate and discuss the potential impact of an AMH on IHLS member libraries.

If you’d like to join the working group, please reach out to Ellen Popit.


System Updates (including an update on the Automatic Material Handler project) Among other system updates, Leslie Bednar and Ellen Popit explain why we’re exploring this option, what work we've done already, what may lie ahead, and, most importantly, how your feedback can help.

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