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Your Library Could be Featured on an IHLS Wall

Illinois Heartland Library System

Published : Jun 06, 2022

Your Library Could be Featured on an IHLS Wall 

6/20/2022 UPDATE:  Thank you to everyone who submitted photographs and to those who helped accommodate IHLS staff in taking additional photos! We had a great response and look forward to having our favorites printed on canvases for our walls. Stay tuned for updates...


Our walls are bare! Due to recent building improvements, we find ourselves with empty wall space. We would like nothing better than to decorate our wall space with photographs of our member libraries! Can you help us? 

There are two things you could do for us. First, we would love it if you could share any awesome photos you might already have of your library. We want to stay away from people and buildings; we are more interested in artful images of the exciting parts of your libraries, such as a fabulous staircase, an interesting doorknob, a beautiful display, or antique stained glass. We will select some photos to print on canvas, so please do not submit any images for which your library does not own the copyright. To share a photo, email the highest-resolution file you can, unfiltered, to

Second, we wanted you to know that IHLS staff might stop by your library and ask to take a few photos. We will be deploying photographers in June, but this might carry into the summer, as well. If you have any reason that this might not be the best time for us to try to take a photo of your library, feel free to email our Library Photo Project team and let us know!

We look forward to seeing your beautiful libraries. Thank you!


The IHLS Library Photo Project Team

 woman pointed a camera directly at the viewer