Specials Circulation Policies / ILLs through FirstSearch

Many libraries may not be aware that specials operate under a different set of circumstances because of the unique collections and the specific patrons with whom they work.  Therefore many of us do not circulate using the Polaris system.  Unfortunately, there is no way for us to indicate to libraries that we lend through OCLC, even though we don't allow holds on our items in Polaris.

Is there a way to add a selection or section in the item record screen that will allow us to indicate Interlibrary Loans are available through FirstSearch?  We had this option in Horizon, and I keep trying to figure out a way to make this clear in Polaris.  Thanks!

Tracy - you can always add this as a publc note for your items, and it can be done it bulk.  Currently it will display as a post-it note next to your item, and the person will have to hover over it, to see what the note says.

Eventually, we will have the notes display as a full text, but currently some libraries have info in the public note field that really isn't note information, so we are waiting for them to clean it up.

Joan Bauer


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