August 5, 2015


Chris DawdyEllen Popit

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Chris Dawdy: Good afternoon!

Shawn- Elwood Township: Hello

Julie Jarman: Hello

Lynn Schmit: Hi all

Ellen Popit: Greetings from DuQuoin!

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: Hello! '

Alyson Thompson: Hello from Marshall!

Brenda Gilpatrick: Hi

Ellen Popit: What would the group like to CHAT about? Anything is fair game!

Kim: On IPLAR, for those of you who do rotating collections, do we count the number in the collection we have at the time, the entire rotating collection or don't get to use the number at all as items belonging to our branch?

Chris Dawdy: I had a request from a library director to talk about the EDGE assessment and the Per Capita grant, but I don't see her among the list of participants yet.

Ellen Popit: I have some of that information when she signs on!

Ellen Popit: Kim, do you know how those rotating collections have been counted in the past?

Chris Dawdy: Kim, based on the information that Bobbi Perryman forwarded from the Illinois State Library yesterday, I would suggest that you count them, since you belong to the consortium. However, you should probably all do the same thing--count them or not count them, I mean.

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: I know the PerCapita grant deadline has been moved back, but just so I'm 100% clear it's due in January right?

Kim: I forget how I have been doing it. I remember before they were cataloged wh couldn't use them as part of our count.

Ellen Popit: It is, Cathy! The deadline is January 15, 2016

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: Thanks Ellen, even though I've seen this posted I keep thinking I'm missing a deadline....:)

Chris Dawdy: The example I would provide is that all of the members of the 3M Cloud can count all of the items in the collection as part of their collection, because all of their patrons have access to them. Would you interpret the rotating collections in the same manner, do you think?

Ellen Popit: It just feels different. And, just as an FYI, while the Public Library Per Capita deadline has moved back, the school district per capita grant deadline has moved up to October 15, 2015. Please help us get the word out to our school colleagues.

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: Since the deadline has been moved back I guess we should plan on receiving our grants later in the year (assuming we still get grant funding)

Kim: I would think so.

Lynn Schmit: Our material circulation numbers have been dropping, but e-circ is ever-increasing. Now our patrons want video streaming. Last I checked, the cost would be outrageous...$1-$2 per circulation. Is there any chance we could get Overdrive to give us a consortia price? Does anybody out there do video streaming?

Ellen Popit: That's a good point, Kathy and I don't have that information for you. I can find out. I do know that ISL tries to process the forumula grants as quickly as they can.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Our Overdrive (Southern IL LIbraries on the Go) does have video

Chris Dawdy: Lynn, the MyMediaMall group talked about that at last year's meeting, and decided against doing it because of the cost. But that was a year ago, and things may have changed.

Chris Dawdy: I can ask Lesley Zavediuk to contact Skip at Innovation Experts about it.

Lynn Schmit: Esther, I would be interested in hearing where you get your video streaming and the cost.

Lynn Schmit: Yes, it would be great to have Lesley check into it.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Lynn, it is part of our Overdrive collection. We just turned on that feature in Overdrive. Marian Albers could give you more info on it.

Lynn Schmit: Thank you. I will contact Marian.

Anita-sherman public: Hi everyone. Logging in a little late. Cleaning up after a successful book sale the last week and time got away. Have some really nice history and art books left if anyone is interested. I will be putting a list out soon.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Lynn, it looks like the price/title varies. There are some that are $.99 and the most expensive is over $600. They have almost 20,000 titles to select from. I haven't purchased them myself, so I don't know what they have.

Chris Dawdy: Ellen and I are working on organizing the second annual IHLS Member Day, and have come up with lots of interesting topics to have speakers present. Because it's pretty quiet here today, and because I want to see if Ellen and I came up with appropriate topics, what topics would you all like to see presented at Member Day?

Ellen Popit: Please, feel free to throw anything at all out there!

Alyson Thompson: If a trustee moves from distric to city limits. How long do I have to fill his seat on the board? Or maybe said, how long can he continue to serve on the board?

Alyson Thompson: district

Ellen Popit: Alyson, because Marshall Public Library and Marshall Public Library represent a special case, can you clarify the makeup of your board.

Lynn Schmit: I think there are some new laws affecting libraries. I'd like to hear about them.

Alyson Thompson: Yes, I think. The district library has 7 board members, to be a board member the trustee must live within the ditrict. If the trustee moves "out of district" how long do I have to fill his/her seat?

Chris Dawdy: Thanks, Lynn. It's now on my list!

Ellen Popit: Let's check the statutes, Alyson!

Ellen Popit: Alyson, 75 ILCS 16/30-25 (Page 40 of the Burgundy Bible)should point you in the right direction. Looks like a replacement can be appointed by the board until the next regular election.

Alyson Thompson: Thank you Ellen! The burgundy Bible is sometimes difficult to find things!

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: Awhile back we talked about a power-point or something like that for Trustee's is that still available? Also, can anyone recommend a good book that would help the Board Secretary keep better minutes?

Ellen Popit: Kathy, I can find that link and send it to the group. It's a tutorial that RAILS developed. There is also the Trustee Fact File---the most recent edition is the fourth.

Alyson Thompson: Are audits of Treasurer reports required?

Julie Jarman: Can you please give me the date for the next Member Day Event? I want to put it on my calendar.. Not sure what I would like to see at Member Day. I missed it last year due to family matters.

Ellen Popit: Member Day will be October 9th at St. Anthony's Grade School in Effingham.

Julie Jarman: I would love to see a new calendar of events for librarians,, the last one put out by Phil is good but hard to tell what is for district and what would be for city libraries. Maybe something like this type of discussion for member day..?

Chris Dawdy: We are planning the Member Day for the Friday before Columbus Day, since that is often an institute day for schools, and we're hoping more school librarians will be able to attend that day. Pass the word, please!!

Chris Dawdy: I'll add that to the list, Julie!

Julie Jarman: Thanks Chris,, I am writing that down right now.

Julie Jarman: I appreciate it Chris,, I always feel like I am missing an important deadline.. thankfully all has run smoothly despite those fears. I can not be the only one checking deadlines. LOL

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: Thanks Ellen, don't worry I won't share the info plus I don't know any non - IHLS Members! At least I don't think I do!

Teresa - Paris: We just received a new delivery schedule and booklet. The booklet doesn't mention sorting for down the route (DOG) items. I assume that we are to continue doing that?

Ellen Popit: Kathy, I bet the concern was that it could be shared with non-Library boards.

Jacqueline Allen--Melvin Public: One of the founders of our library (founded in 1934) just passed away (aged 102!) and we are looking for some ideas for memorial books or collections in her honor; any suggestions? When she turned 100 we did several books with 100 as the theme...

Ellen Popit: Theresa, I think that's a save assumption.

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: Julie, I'm right there with you I'm always afraid I'm missing a there any deadline coming up soon for Public Libraries?

Ellen Popit: The IPLARs will all be due as of September 1st.

Alyson Thompson: Are audits of treasurer reports required?

Julie Jarman: there is the traffic report due I think in Dec. It is also known as the Reciprocal Borrowing report I think?/ We can start on it now though,, available after July 31

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: Thanks Ellen, My IPLAR was due earlier so at least I've got that one done! (I thought IPLAR was due 60 days after the end of your FY?

Ellen Popit: Maybe this is a good time to talk about the EDGE assessment. This must be completed as a requirement for the Per Capita Grant. About 132 of our 227 public libraries have completed it as of this morning. There will be a webinar on Setpember 15th from 10:30---11:30 on the EDGE assessment and the Per Capita Grant Application. This will be live, but it will also be archeived if you can't make that date.

Julie Jarman: My Iplar was due in June-- fiscal year ended in April for me. It is so confusing though with all the different dates.

Ellen Popit: It is, Julie!

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: I've actually done my EDGE twice, did it the first time a year ago and then I guess I got confused and did it again. this year so I'm safe to assume I don't have to do it anymore?

Chris Dawdy: Alyson, we're not ignoring your question. I'm trying to find the answer in the burgundy Bible!

Julie Jarman: People outside library land think our jobs are just full of rainbows and unicorns,, they have no idea the reports due, the office work it all entails, My family thinks I read a book at my desk everyday. ha ha.

Alyson Thompson: Lol. Thanks Chris.

Kim: The last page of the IPLAR has information about the secretary's audit on it.

Ellen Popit: Kathy, I got a list from the State Library this morning and Pinckneyville is listed as completed.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Julie--so true! I don't know how many times I've had people tell me, "I could work at the library, I love to read".

Teresa - Paris: Julie, When I was hired, my grandmother couldn't understand why I would want a job that was just sitting behind a desk reading.

Julie Jarman: Esther, I have had so many applications turned in from potential employees with that very phrase.

Jan - brep: Ellen Can you post the list that have completed, or see if Breese is on it? Thanks.

Julie Jarman: Teresa- too funny! they have no idea what we do here.:)

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: I have friends who tell me all the time I have an easy job! They have no idea of the paperwork or extra hours we put in. Since we are a small community/small library we are only open 34 hours a week so I'm not even full time but I still keep track of the hours I work each week and out of curiousity last week I added up all the hours I put in the past year and I've added 187 hours of over-time that are just basically dontated hours! I wish I was just sitting here reading! lol

Ellen Popit: Kathy, that's not a bad thing to keep track of. It's a number that could come in handy some day!

Lynn Schmit: Our library (Mahomet Public) will be celebrating our 50 anniversary in April 2016. If anybody has some good celebration ideas, please send them to me at

Alyson Thompson: Just curious, who is considered exempt vs. non-exempt? All employees (including me) are required to use a timecard.

Ellen Popit: That's a question we may be able to look into for you, if that would be helpful!

Ellen Popit: Julie mentioned the ILL Traffic report---completion of that will now be a requirement of your annual certification.

Julie Jarman: Lynn, we did two events when our library hit the 100 year birthday mark. First was a presentation by our volunteer genealogy group about the history of the library. The second was a brithday party done in carninval games style for all the kids here out in the courtyard- It was such a fun day- not much money tp out on and the kids went home happy.

Julie Jarman: Ellen, I did not know that about the ILL Traffic Report- Thanks!

Chris Dawdy: Alyson, based on how things are done at IHLS, an exempt employee is exempt from earning overtime pay--like professional staff. Non-exempt employees are eligible to receive overtime pay. By the way, I checked with our Finance ladies here to learn that!

Ellen Popit: This is a new requirement and I think the report will be open through the whole certification period.

Alyson Thompson: Ellen, I was just curious as to what this group of ladies are need to research.

Ellen Popit: Okay.

Alyson Thompson: Thank you Chris.

Lynn Schmit: I still have some computers to donate to any IHLS member library. Please contact me if you are interested. They are 5 years old but in very good condition.

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: Alyson we use an excel program that keeps track of our time, and we turn that in to the city accountant each pay period. The city writes our checks but then the Library board turns around and pays the city back.

Alyson Thompson: Thanks Kathy. So you are paid hourly, not salary?

Chris Dawdy: Well, ladies, it's after 2, so we're going to close this session. Hope you can join us on September 2! Same time, same place!

Ellen Popit: It was a fun chat!

Lynn Schmit: Thanks everybody!

Chris Dawdy: And don't forget the SHARE Chat's between now and then!

Julie Jarman: Thanks everyone!

Kathy-Pinckneyville PL: Yes, I'm paid hourly 32 hours per week but the board allows me to keep 2 hours of comp time each week to use as sick days. I do have 2 weeks per year as vacation days. I do keep track of all the hours I work the excel program is great for that. The program is set to pay me 32 hours per week but I can add all the hours I work and it keeps track of them.

Alyson Thompson: Thanks again Kathy.