September 2, 2015


Chris DawdyEllen PopitTroy Brown

Key: IHLS  Library

Chris Dawdy: Hi out there!

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: Hello everyone!!

Chris Dawdy: What would you like to talk about today?

Janet Cler - Tolono: Chris - could you please address the recent issues with Polaris crashing...seems like it is happening more and more

Chris Dawdy: From listening to our IT folks, some of the more recent issues have been related to the ScrewDriver software, and the number of receipt printers that we have connected at one time. I don't really understand that, but I'll get in touch with Troy Brown to ask him if he can join us on this chat.

Ellen Popit: I'm the last person who should be speaking of Polaris issues, but Troy did say during a staff meeting today that the fact that a server has been added in Champaign should help things along. He also talked about the time period between 12:30 and 3:00 pm is the time of day when SHARE sees the most activity.

Ellen Popit: The State Library is looking for IPLAR submissions----everyone here good????

Bernadette 2: Good at Hayner

Ryan-MTNp: Mattoon good

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: Good at Divernon

Ryan-MTNp: Ido not like the submission time line. it falls at the beginning or the middle of summer reading for us

Gary Worden PLD: Good at Worden

Ellen Popit: Isn't it good to have it behind you!!!!

Linda Richter Trenton public: tRENTON GOOD

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I'm assuming we're good--I've been fielding a lot of "how many" questions about computers and ebooks. :)

Shawn- Elwood Township: All good

Ellen Popit: Chris and I have been both been tackling getting good contact information for our members---please feel free to alert us to any changes in directors, hours, anything at all. We're always delighted to get that information!

Troy Brown: Good afternoon everyone. As for the Polaris server issues, we've installed an additional server this week to help spread the load. We were told by the Screwdriver vendor that we had too many connections per server and that was causing all the printer loss and server crashes.

Troy Brown: That makes some sense since the problem really came to a head when the schools came back online.

Troy Brown: So we've installed another server to spread the load. Going from 3 to 4 now.

Ryan-MTNp: Chris, does IHLS have a warrant policy?

Troy Brown: We are going to evaluate the performance over the next couple of days, but there is a good chance we'll be asking for some more funds from SHARE to increase that to 5 servers so if one goes down, we still have room to breathe.

Kay Burrous South Macon: South Macon finished.

Chris Dawdy: Ryan, I'm not sure what you mean?

Janet Cler - Tolono: Troy, is this the same screwdriver vendor you have been working with on previous problems?

Ryan-MTNp: a policy on what to do if your library has been served a warrant for information in Polaris. LTLS had one. I don't remember it fully but it had who to call, what would be done (like the account being frozen), etc.

Troy Brown: Yes. Those issues seem to be resolved, and the problems we are seeing now seem to be completely different. At least from the server side. What is seen at the client end is often the same... polaris crashes....

Ryan-MTNp: since Polaris is not mine, but belongs to all of us, we all need to be on the same page if something happens.

Chris Dawdy: Ryan, I'm going to have to hand that one off to Troy, too. If he doesn't have an answer, I'll be doing some research!

Janet Cler - Tolono: Troy - has there been that many new school members since last summer that would cause this to happen - I don't recall this as a problem that happened when schools came back last year

Troy Brown: One thing we are asking all the schools, is to check their version of the Screwdriver client to make sure it's the latest one. There is a very small chance that an older client connection may send the server into a fit and start a problem that ends in Polaris crashing. But we haven't seen any good evidence of that yet. Just a guess.

Ryan-MTNp: the tech part will need to be worked out of course, but there should be some sort of working document for directs to go from.

Gary Worden PLD: Has anyone contacted thier state senator or the attorney general concerning recent FOIA requests?

Troy Brown: I'm not aware of any SHARE policy regarding warrants.

Ellen Popit: Thanks to Ryan for mentioning that. I don't know if you've seen this, but there is a great training being offerered, for FREE at SIU next week. It's on Privacy, Intellectual Freedome and Libraries. I follow-up with a question on how tech-savvy one would need to be and I was told that wasn't a factor. Here's the link.

Troy Brown: @Janet - I don't know if all the connections are schools, but we are seeing about 800 more processes on the servers. Usually we run around 8000 processes at our peak, but in the last couple of weeks it's been closer to 9000. It's just more libraries and more connections adding up. Remember each user that connects to the server starts about 6-8 processes depending on what they're doing.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We have added several more libraries since this time last year, so part of it may be simple "growing pains"

Janet Cler - Tolono: Troy: so is there anything libraries can do to help the situation?

Ryan-MTNp: thanks Ellen. Troy that's my point. Chris we need a policy so that every library acts the same way if a warrant is issued. since so many libraries and staff members have a connection to Polaris, if the issuing athority does not get what they need from one library, that they get the exact same info from another.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Would using LEAP help?

Troy Brown: Not really. If you've checked your version of Screwdrivers to make sure it's the latest version, then that's about all you can do.

Ryan-MTNp: it's hard to tell the police no when your dealing with shootings and murder.

Troy Brown: Good question Esther. I think it might help, but LEAP is limited to circulation.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I know that a lot of the schools and smaller libraries have staff/volunteers who only do Circ. We may just need to get the word out.

Troy Brown: LEAP uses web services and doesn't rely on Screwdrivers (or RDP - Remote Desktop Services) to function.

Troy Brown: I know Traci has been working with libraries to get them setup on LEAP. I leave that up to her team. I still think that we should be able to support everyone library using the full client. And so far, knock on wood, the last 2 days have been smooth since installing the new server.

Janet Cler - Tolono: Troy: Thanks for the information

Troy Brown: You're welcome. Believe me, we've been banging our heads together trying to resolve this. We hate it too. I think the remaining issues are small and easy to resolve, we just have to put our finger on them.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Troy--thank you and your team for working so hard on this. Technology is great...until it doesn't work. :)

Ellen Popit: As a fun fact, of our 227 public libraries: 181 are SHARE Members, 19 are Transitional Members. While some of the reminaing 27 are affiliate members, 8 have stand-alone systems. The numbers change all the time, but it's a pretty impressive number and think what that connectivity means for the library community. Can you tell we've been counting---it's time for our annual report as well!

Alyson Thompson: Is is required to give receipts (for tax write offs) when donations are given to the Friends of the Library?

Ellen Popit: @Gary: Kathy Jackson is in the office with me today and she wasn't aware of anyone contacting the Attorney General's Office.

Ryan-MTNp: you should at least offer. over a certain size it is mandatory, but I can not remember the limit.

Chris Dawdy: Alyson--I just checked with Adrienne, the IHLS CFO, and she said it would depend on whether your group has 501 (c) (3) status, or has that requirement written in your bylaws. She also suggested you might want to google it--something like IRS requirements for donations

Ellen Popit: Boy, we're using the whole staff today, aren't we????

Ryan-MTNp: for book donation we ask if they want a receipt. we only put the number off books and type on the receipt. the donor must determine the value for themselves. if I know of a personal donation of over $250 I make sure they get a tax receipt letter. and the friend send a thank you card. so fare have only had to do this twice.

Alyson Thompson: The Friends are a 501 (c) (3) group. In the past, we have not given a receipt. I am primarily concerned with monetary donations and what those requirements might be.

Alyson Thompson: Ryan - would you email me the receipt form you use?

Chris Dawdy: Ellen and I are also working on the itinerary for IHLS Member Day. So, we're thinking of having a couple of roundtable discussions--one for new library directors, one for school librarians, and one for adult programming. Anyone want to participate on any of those panels? Please!!

Ellen Popit: Alysson, I'd also look at some sample letters that come your way for donations. Oftentimes, they include language like the amount of the donation and the fact that no goods were exchanged.

Alyson Thompson: Thanks for the feedback on FOL receipts. I would be willing to participate in the new library directors roundtable discussion.

Chris Dawdy: Yes!!! You're now on the list!!

Chris Dawdy: Many thanks!

Alyson Thompson: =)

Ryan-MTNp: Alyson I will do so tomorrow. I can not do it today.

Alyson Thompson: Thanks Ryan.

Kim: We now have a board members only email address. Con they delete items that are on there?

Ryan-MTNp: Chris, I can do anything but school libraries.

Virginia GECS: Can you plan a breakout session or round table for special libraries?

Kim: By items I mean emails.

Troy Brown: Kim, for FOIA complience I wouldn't delete anything. Just create a folder called "Archive" and instead of deleting messages, just move them to the archive folder.

Kim: OK Thank you.

Chris Dawdy: Good idea, Virginia! We'll add that to the agenda!

Ellen Popit: Kim, Troy's right. The rule of thumb that I use is that anything that pertains to conducting business should be retained.

Ryan-MTNp: Chris, could you maybe have a swag swap. a place for libraries to share thing they no longer need, or have had so long they are sick of it.

Chris Dawdy: Also an interesting idea! We have just the place for it, Ryan!

Ellen Popit: Chris and I will make one more trip to the venue and that could determine the feasibility of that.

Chris Dawdy: Our time's almost up for today. Anything else anyone wants to talk about?

Alyson Thompson: Did you find out from last months discussion if an annual treasurer's audit is mandatory?

Ellen Popit: I don't think we did, but we certainly can.

Alyson Thompson: Okay I was just curious, I think we plan to do it regardless....

Chris Dawdy: Same time, same place, next month, and I hope you have a great rest of your day!

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: thanks

Kay Burrous South Macon: Thanks