TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - April 23, 2020


Directors' Chat
Thursday, April 23, 2020


  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Good afternoon!  How is everyone today?

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):Hanging in. The HR Source webinar was fantastic!

  Deb Doyle Library Raymond:I am taking online classes to improve our website

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:I've had better days, but I'm okay.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I'm glad you liked it.  She's going to do another in  May (Making Meetings Work) and one in June (Leadership).  We're happy we had the opportunity to offer them.

  Shari Rawlings:Doing great today. I was able to find several boxes of gloves today at Target

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We've started mailing seeds from our seed library to patrons. We've had 14 patrons order seeds since it went live last night and we've sent out 120 seed packets!

  Jackie-CAMP:Good Sarah and I are hammering out summer reading details.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:That's really nice, Bobbi!

  Jackie-CAMP:So they record the HR webinar to watch later

  Jackie-CAMP:Do they record sorry

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Hght:I learned what I would call a big service relax rule.  Apparently thru 9/1 you can relax your non-resident card restriction and allow your non-residents a card without charging them.  It would be a local decision that your board would approve but...WOW!!!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Jackie, no they are not legally able to record those sessions.

  Jackie-CAMP:ok thanks

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@ Jill that's great! didn't know that.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@Jill  Where is that officially? I want to point my board there

  Jackie-CAMP:wonderful Jill and yes where is that info please

  Beth Fuchs:Sad.  Just canceled our Summer Reading programs in June.

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Hght:I haven't seen it but it was approved by the State Library so i would email them for words in print.  I heard about it

  Jackie-CAMP:sorry Beth

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Beth, so sorry!

  Shari Rawlings:We made up goodie bags for the kids , that include a book. parents have to call in to set a time pick up bags, we will have no contact with them.

  Beth Fuchs:Thanks.  We will have a bigger and better one next year hopefully!

  Deb Doyle Library Raymond:Shari, I love that idea of the goodie bags!!

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:I just finished our Beanstack kick off meeting. Excited to be doing virtual srp this summer.

  Rachel Miller - Forsyth:@Deb Doyle, where are you taking the online website classes?

  Deb Doyle Library Raymond:Arvixe, our host, has them available.  I think most hosting organizations offer them through their services.

  Shari Rawlings:Have you heard when we might be able to start curbside service

  Julia - IHLS:It will be interesting to hear what the Gov. says in his briefing today:

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:This might be a good afternoon to listen to the governor.  The Chicago Tribune reported that Stay at Home will be extended through late May.  Here's the link:

  Kay Burrous  South Macon:Has IHLS canceled  Summer Reading in groups?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Kay, I'm not sure what you mean?

  Deb Doyle Library Raymond:Our registered families have email, so I am finding that to be a good way to get messages out until I can create a more robust website.

  Carol B. - Daugherty PLD:This is an out there question. Maybe a little late to even ask. Have most of you canceled cleaning services? Newspapers?...

  Brenda Gilpatrick  Red Bud Public:@Carol-Yes

  Kay Burrous  South Macon:In the Library.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Carol B. I AM the cleaning service! = )

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@carol newpapers-no. But I am going to.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I've put 2 of our newspapers on vacation

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:Cleaning, yes..just after we closed. I still bring in newspapers, mail.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Kay, I"m not sure what that is?

  Brenda Gilpatrick  Red Bud Public:@Lora-Well for now I guess I am too!

  Jackie-CAMP:We are the cleaning service too

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin PL:@ Carol We have put our papers on vacaton, too.

  Don, Philo:When we posted that we were closed, they came in one time to clean after and on their own haven't come by.  They do come in once a week to water all the plants.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:We only had online version of our newspaper.

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Hght:Ellen thanks for that heads up

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Jill---you're welcome. 

  Kay Burrous  South Macon:Has IHLS cancelled summer Reading in the library?

  Shari Rawlings:I need some other ideas for online summer reading

  Jill:We are working on virtual programming.  We plan to have Daniel Lusk, as we have done in the past.  He has adapted everything to be virtual and he does all the work!  We got the bigger package and they will even send things to kids in the mail.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Kay, I'm not sure that IHLS is involved in summer reading at the system level.

  Julia - IHLS:@Shari - They shared several ideas at the Summer Reading Discussion on Apr. 10:

  Kay Burrous  South Macon:I was just asking...I am having trouble with the President of the Board.

  Jackie-CAMP:If this does go until the end of May will the system remain shutdown?

  Jackie-CAMP:I just want to make sure

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Staunton has postponed our June SRP  and all of our programming for June.. we do not yet know what we will do in July and August-- might do the goody bags, etc..

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Oh no, Kay, what kind of trouble? They don't want the library to do it? They DO want the library to do it, in person?

  Jackie-CAMP:and if this does continue are all of your libraries going to continue to pay staff?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:What can we do to help?  It is my impression that most libraries are trying to do something virtual.  @ Jackie, I believe that we would continue to comply with the Governor's order unless there were some very specific exceptions. 

  Kay Burrous  South Macon:Yes.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We are not planning in-library programs for this summer. We will have weekly "Discovery Bags" with crafts and a badge for reading the weekly goal.

  Jackie-CAMP:Thank you @Ellen

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Ellen- I read that too- that the deadline will be extended,, it is excrutiating just waiting to see for the announcement since May 1st is fast approaching

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We will have adult and kid bags.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:I love the Discovery Bags idea Bobbi

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Kay if you need resources to convince that board that staying closed protects your staff and your patrons, we can point you in the right direction.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:I don't think we'll see large-ish gatherings allowed before fall. No special knowledge, just my sense of things.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We will do a demo of the crafts online at the beginning of each week.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:We have cancelled all in-person programs through August, and may extend that according to what happens between now and then.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:Our SRP will be virtual through Beanstack (first time for us)

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Rick, and even in the fall when you think of craft fairs and college football, I just have lots of doubts and it makes me sad.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Patrons will register and record reading on our website. Patrons without access can call the library and we'll fill out the forms for them.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Given the fact that this may start up again in the fall--  I am thinking of plexi glass for the first time ever now around the circ desk,, funny how my mind can change so quickly in a pandemic

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:@Ellen---me too

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:The Board has no intentions of furloughing staff and will continue to pay them.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Our city-wide festival is in September. We rent out our greenspace to vendors. No idea if the festival is happening or not. It makes it very hard to plan.

  Julia - IHLS:I belong to some craft/art groups. Vendors are putting together projects/kits (for them you purchase the kits) and then they will have a live Facebook session and everyone can work on the project together.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@Julie-our board president is making a plexiglass shield for our circ desk

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:Decatur Celebration in August already cancelled

  Krystal Gulley -Harrisburg Library:My board president has asked me to look into the PPP. Is anyone else doing this? I know all of the money from the first round is already gone, but I don't feel like we qualify.

  Jackie-CAMP:@Diana thank you

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:@Krystal, is there anything in there for public bodies? I couldn't find anything.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Jo that is great.. I am just now looking into it, I am reaching out to City Hall-- see what they are doing and hopefully can use their resources since we are a city library and are just down the hall from them

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin PL:@ Bobbi, How will patrons record their reading log on your website?  Do you have a form they will fill out?

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:PPP is not available to government units, unfortunately. 501(c) private libraries and archives could apply.

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Rick, no, you're right, and it stinks

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Kathleen. Yes, we have a form. We use Wix for our website and forms are really easy to set up.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:@Diane--but we aren't losing revenues at the rate private business is. Yet.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Krystal, one of our staff members made masks for staff. I was thinking of offering something simple to patrons, maybe even a bandana, if they come in without a mask. Maybe they could either pay us and keep it, or dump it into a vat of soapy water when they leave so we could hang them dry at night and reuse them.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Rick, so sad about Decatur Celebration!

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Has anyone heard back from FEMA.? We applied and got an Id number-- just waiting, I think naturally this agency does take a long time to offer assistance. we shall see

  brenda (Blue Ridge Twp Library):I had a custom made plexiglass screen made for our circ desk by Illini plastics supply of Champaign, 217-352-4300. they did a great job for a reasonable price.

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Rick, GREAT point. And I am sad too to hear about the Decatur Celebration.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Krystal, you might explore this webinar offered by HR Source.  There is a fee if you're not a member, but it might be worthwhile.  Here's the informatin:

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:Yes, Lora, but not unexpected.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Sorry, here you go:

  Jackie-CAMP:Thanks Brenda, did you give them the measurements or did they come out and look at what you needed

  Krystal Gulley -Harrisburg Library:Yes, honestly, my library is not experiencing economic hardship to pay staff. The money is already there, so I would hate to try to take that money from a small business even if were eligible.

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin PL:@ Bobbi Thank you for the information

  Diana Brawley Sussman:What timeline are folks considering for opening with curbside only? For example, would you start it even while Stay-at-home orders are in place, or would you wait until some restrictions are lifted? (I would lean toward the latter, but would like to hear others' thoughts on this).

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:I don't think my board will allow us to do curbside without some lifting of restrictions.

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Krystal, you're right. We've been hearing from some libraries who were hoping to use PPP funds.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:I feel we should abide by what the Govenor rules, and NOT encourage people to come out for any reason..curbside, picking up goodie bags, etc...this is a season in time, we need to set an example in our communities.

  Shari Rawlings: My board is ready for us to start curbside . can we yet?

  Beth Fuchs:We can’t purchase toilet paper to open anyway.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@Deb, I agree

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@Diana I'm holding off on curbside. Thought about doing it sooner rather than later but it's just not worth the risk. IMO

  brenda (Blue Ridge Twp Library):Jackie, I actually stopped by the business and gave them the measurements and explained my desk setup and the owner gave me some recommendations that I had not thought of.  it was actually done in a few hours.

  Brenda Gilpatrick  Red Bud Public:@Diana I lean to the latter, when some restrictions are lifted.

  Jackie-CAMP:@Brenda thank you I will check into that.

  brenda (Blue Ridge Twp Library):Jackie, I am sure they can work with you over the phone as well. they have a webpage.

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):@Ellen and @Diane, has IMLS given recommendations or opinions on curbside service yet? I imagine if libraries don't handle that properly they'll be legally at risk.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:ALA is doing a webinar on Friday at 1pm (tomorrow) about reopening plans

  Krystal Gulley -Harrisburg Library:Thanks, Diana and Ellen for the webinar suggestions.

  Mahomet John H:My plan, unless instructed otherwise by my board, is to stay closed including curbside until the Stay at home is dropped or new restrictions allow.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:Did anyone see this: ? Celeste shared with me this morning. Has some good thoughts.

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Shandi, specifically from IMLS, no, I haven't seen anything yet. Thanks, Diana, for the webinar info. I'll be in that one too.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Thanks, Rick

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin PL:I have 96 rolls of toilet paper I purchased right before the closure:)I have the tp but I am low on hand sanitizer.....

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I think a general consensus (not directive) is to lean toward the safety of patrons and staff and setting a community example.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@Diana i've signed up for that webinar also.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:I think we need to be prepared with a variety of service models ready to go, depending on the trigger points. Hard to say how this thing is going to shake out.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Here's another legal risk: The governor ordered that essential employees who get covered would be covered by workman's comp. I'm not sure how that may change once restrictions are eased, nor how "essential employee" is defined. I assume that means any employee who's had to work in the building?

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@ Ellen I agree! Safety first. I'd hate for an outbreak to be traced back to the library!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Well, if we're staying at home for another month, that allows more time for us to learn and plan even more.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:I can't imagine a scenario that we don't START with curbside service. But I don't see it happening if the next few weeks.

  Mahomet John H:@Brenda what was the cost of the plexiglass if I can ask?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@John, I think that came up during the Director's Chats this morning, so if you don't get information here, check there.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:The Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission has approved an emergency rule to help essential workers. Implementing the rule creates an automatic presumption that employees diagnosed with COVID-19 contracted the virus at work.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Here's a question: I have only one employee who has no online access. The others are all engaged with some work, either attending webinars, or working from home. I feel bad that this one employee is the only one who isn't doing anything (just out of a sense of fairness). She is a cataloger. I've considered asking her to come to the building a few hours per week to catalog. She'd be alone, or may encounter one or two of us who have to do a little work in the building. Does it seem out of line to ask her to do this? Ideas?

  brenda (Blue Ridge Twp Library):for a 36 x 48 piece that had a 12 inch angle and a self supporting stand was $125

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Diana, it's been a bit since I've looked at it, but did Phil's document touch on that situation?  Of course, he might have written that before the emergency rule.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:@Diana, we've been providing laptops, hotspots to our couple of employees in that situation

  Krystal Gulley -Harrisburg Library:I don't think it is out of line. We are allowed to be in the building for Minimum Basic Operations, and if everyone is keeping a safe distance and cleaning their work space it should be okay.

  Mahomet John H:@Diana under the terms of the stay-at-home order as interpreted by Phil Lenzini, it is allowable for staff to come in to manage Minimal Basic Operations which he interpreted as including collection work.  Based on this I am allowing a few staff to come in for that kind of thing, one at a time if they work in common areas.

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin PL:A custom sneeze guard would be worth the investment since it will most likely be used for quite a while.

  Mahomet John H:@Brenda Thanks!

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@ Diana my youth services librarian is unable to get internet access were she lives so she is coming in twice a week for 3 hours each time. Right now she is working on SRP since we have to change all original plans.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:We decided cataloging of physical materials was not essential in what amounts to a virtual library

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:My board has asked us to continue with physcial collections so we are ready to go as soon as we re-open or have curbside service.

  Mahomet John H:Most of our cataloging and processing work is being done in employee's homes, but a few things people are coming in for.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:Each public body decides for themselves

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Most of our cataloging is also being done in homes and not in the bulding.

  Mahomet John H:We are keeping up close to 100% with preparing our physical materials.  But I am fortunate to have an IT guy that has set up virtual access to our work desktop computers so that you can use full on Polaris and not just LEAP.

  Jackie-CAMP:We are working with social distancing guidelines, with mask and 6 feet apart when we are here together. We do have times when we come in separately

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:That's smart, Jackie!

  Diana Brawley Sussman:I do have one cataloger working from home and we do have laptops set up with Polaris. I might just buy a mobile hotspot and loan it out to her if this continues for another month.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Hotspots have never been more valuable!

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:The hotspot idea is a very good one. When this is over, you can always circulate it.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Has anyone used e-rate for hotspots? I think the deadline has past for this year.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Diana.  He's not here, but I bet Lee Spearman would know if that works.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:@Ellen, in my experience Lee does have a lot of useful knowledge :-)

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:I had to step away for a few minutes but Staunton will not not offer curbside until the restrictions are lifted. sneeze gaurds, my new normal, Not thought I would see the day I would be pricing them

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Hght:Possible ERate for hotspot use would be the CIPA aspect of eRate.  You cant gurantee that people aren;t accessing porn when using a hotspot and you can't apply a filter on the hotspot

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:Techsoup has pretty good prices

  Jackie-CAMP:We have contacted our school to see if we can put flyers with the meals they are providing for families, to get the word our about our summer reading program changes. We are waiting to hear back.

  Jackie-CAMP:word out

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Jackie, great idea, I may borrow that. One of the food busses is in our parking lot every day.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We've been sending activity books with library information to the schools each week to give out with meals. It's been going well.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:food busses from the school I should say.. I stayed up too late reading a good book last night and still not awake yet, LOL

  Diana Brawley Sussman:I'll look at tech soup for mobile hot spots. I have an email from a company for them ($27 per month and they can automatically shut off on their due date & be replaced at no cost, if I remember correctly). Sounded like a decent deal.  Anyone have a vendor to recommend?

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:On a totally different note, I wanted to let everyone know that the judge has signed off on the order letting the Village of Sandoval de-annex from the Centralia Regional LIbrary District. The separation date is July 1.

  Mahomet John H:Thats bad, right?

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Diana, is that a good thing or a bad thing for the library?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Diana.  Just so I understand, the folks in Sandoval will no longer have any library service without paying a non-resident fee?

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Before we go, does anyone use Hoopla at your library? if so, do you like it? Is it reasonable? I am thinking of doing that here if the cost is right.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:Hoopla is great

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:More so for the residents of the Village than us. Taxes lost will be minimal but the Sandoval people will be losing access to all our services.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:We recently purchased hotspots from TechSoup for $15 each plus $120/year for each for Mobile Beacon

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We love Hoopla

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:patrons love it and any library can afford it

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Diana, that is sad for Sandoval..

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Julie, Carbondale uses Hoopla. I think it's great for patrons.

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Hght:Hotspot issuance could change also in the next year as Sprint was bought out by T-Mobile and it is hard to say how T-Mobile will handle that program.  Hotsport service is/was thru SPint

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We're using Hoopla for our book clubs next month since the books are multi-user.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:Ellen, correct.Until Sandoval gets its own library up and running and then only reciprical if they join the system...correct?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Correct, Diana

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@ Julie I agree. That is what my board and I hate the most about this.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Rick, Bobbi and Diana- thank you -- It would be wonderful for our patrons in Staunton if we can do it here! We need some good news

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Hght:@ Julie Hoopla was started during quarntine and it has been very popular here.  I had 55 sign ups in a week

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:That's amazing, Jill!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Diana---this is a particularly bad time for them to do this.  Those folks will be left with nothing.

  Jackie-CAMP:That  is awesome Jill

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:I'm so sorry to hear about Sandoval.

  Rick Meyer--Decatur Public:Our Hoopla useage went up about 300% in March

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@Ellen I know :(

  Jackie-CAMP:@Diana, that is so sad for those folks

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Jill thanks- that is what I was thinking for Staunton- It would be a boon if we can do it. I appreciate all the great feedback on Hoopla. I will share it with our library board.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:The good thing about Hoopla is there's no waiting for the titles you want. We just increased our limit from 5 items per month to 10. It's multiple formats (film, audio, e-book). The library pays per checkout. It's been much less expensive than I'd imagined.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Our usage for Hoopla also went way up since the closure.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:OMgosh, Rick-- 300 % is amazing.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:I'm going to look into more online services for the upcoming budget...which I have just started working on.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Is Hoopla easy to set up?

  Shari Rawlings:Has anyone asked if the new Disney plus has anything for libraries

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Diana, Is Sandoval going to start their own library ? soon?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Shari----that's an interesting question!

  Deb Doyle Library Raymond:Wow!  Hoopla looks amazing!

  Julia - IHLS:While not ideal, Sandoval could use BiblioBoard...Unlimited Access E-Books Available to Everyone in Illinois at No CostThrough a service provided by RAILS, every library in Illinois has access to free, simultaneous use e-books via the BiblioBoard Library.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Julie - If I remember correctly, we had to get SHARE to set up a SIP2 connection for us to authenticate barcodes. After that, it was simple.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Hoopla is also pretty user friendly. Even my tech-challaged patrons have been able to use it.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:Is there a base price for Hoopla besides the per use charge?

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Julie, yes and no. We wanted the only access restriction to be expired cards. That was a huge hassle. They also had a hard time restricting it to our patrons only at first (yikes)! They seem to be a small company without the level of technical expertise they need. However, they're nice people and they will work with you to make it work. Troy Brown had to work really hard to get our limited restrictions to work with Hoopla , which was above and beyond good service on Troy's part.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Thanks Everyone, I sent them an email yesterday but I have not heard back yet

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin PL:We set Hoopla up after the closure and it was an easy process because of Troy at IHLS.  I am very appreciative of all of the help I received.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:The only ongoing fee we pay is the SIP2 connection. There is no platform fee.

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Hght:@ Lora for Hoopla the price is set at your population as to the buy in amount

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@ Julia I think I am going to have staff start working on a list of free resources to be able to give out to those whose cards we have to expire.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Lora, I'm pretty sure it's just the per use charge. I don't remember a registration fee when we set it up.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We average $300 per month for content our patrons checkout.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2: Is Troy working during this pandemic,, please say Yes Ellen--

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:We all are Julie and Troy is working hard!

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Thanks, Jill. I couldn't remember the start-up logistics with Hoopla.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@Ellen Troy was able to help me with the voting issue

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Thanks, everyone for your ideas and info! Much appreciated!

  Jackie-CAMP:Thanks for all the good info. Everyone be safe,

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Hght:@ Lora I mean the intial buy in price is influence by your population.  For example, mine was $3000 and then that all is used to pay for the items that are checked out.  You can limite the amount of the per item checkout so lets say anything over $2.50 can't be checked out

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:E-mail is the best way to get any system staff and we'll reply as soon as we're able.  If you need to, please leave a phone number at which we can reach you.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:Thanks for the Hoopla info!

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Thanks Ellen. I have a long way to go on this but it is good to know!

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Hoopla offers other methods for keeping your prices within budget as well. Loretta @ Sallie Logan PL uses those methods.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:Lot's of good info today. Thanks everyone!

  Carol B. - Daugherty PLD:Stay safe

  Krystal Gulley -Harrisburg Library:Have a good day, everyone!

  sarah smith-camargo township district library:Have a great day! stay safe!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:See you next week!  Shandi and I have to duck out for a 2:00 p.m. meeting.  Stay well everyone!

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Thank you everyone, Stay Safe!

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Thank you.  I appreciate all the information and the connection.

  Julia - IHLS:You can find staff email addresses here: