TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - May 20, 2021


Directors' Chat
Thursday, May 20, 2021


IHLS Admin:   Friendly Reminder:  This discussion is intended to be a cordial and respectful sharing of ideas regarding the programs, services and the operations of public libraries. Conversations may include the challenges of dealing with the public, staff and the board members. The goal is to have an open and supportive conversation. Be mindful that this is a public discussion, and the transcripts are posted on the IHLS website.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  For all of you strugglind with the recent news from the CDC here are a few quotes about conflict.  "Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.."  William Ellery Channing ... "Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude."  William James ..."I am sorry you have to face more conflict, yet again."  Anna Yackle

Carol:  Very powerful -- I'm there!!!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Happy Thursday, everyone!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  What's on your plate today.  We have a great webinar this morning on Conflict Management!

Teresa (Paris):  IPLAR and summer reading - I'm farther behind this year than ever before. Seriously considering running away from home.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  At the system, we're busy wrapping  up our area and per capita grant application for submission  on June 1.  @Teresa, but you'll feel so good when that IPLAR is submitted.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Anna, you always find the best quotes for the week!

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Teresa, I feel your pain.

Ginger - Athens:  plate - town fair last weekend, three class  field trips to the library this week, summer reading kick off next week, IPLAR. So, you know... more like a serving platter than a plate!!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Ginger, are these the first field trips that have come to the library?  That seems so normal!!!!

Bill from the Brehm Library:  I hope to see more normal this Fall

Teresa (Paris):  Got our Live & Learn construction grant award letter yesterday!

Ginger - Athens:  First since I started last year, so yes! The whole fourth grade came, but by class. So, three different days in a row!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @ Bill, I'm hopeful that we do! 

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Teresa, Congratulations!

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library):  @ Teresa - Congrats!!!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  That's great Teresa!  What will you be doing?

Teresa (Paris):  Accessibility - upgrading our 28-year-old elevator.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Hi Everyone, I had trouble getting on today. I think its because I am working from home and the lap top was acting up.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Conflict Management was wonderful this morning. I took lots of notes!

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @Carol - Guest -  Are you Carol from Ashley?

Carol:  @ anna Yes, I sure am!

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @Julie last week I had trouble and had to download updates before I was able to stay connected.

Carol:  @ Anna this could be a teachable moment....

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @teresa, congrats on your Live and Learn grant!!

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @ Carol, when we are done here could you please call me at 618-619-2096.?

Carol Tomaszewski/Ashley:  @ Anna Sure will -- thanks!

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @ Teresa, that is wonderful! Congratulations on the grant.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  And,  is Brenda, Brenda Gilpatrick.  We want everyone to get credit for attending.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @anna, love those quotes, very helpful

Jackie CAMP:  Teresa, I am with you.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @anna, I had that same problem.  I had to downlobe adobe on here, I thought it had it already.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  Tank you Jo and Julie for your comments about the quotes. I figure we are library people we should see what has written can say to us.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Anna - All of us in library world realize how powerful words can be!

Jackie CAMP:  Congratulations Teresa

Ginger - Athens:  question. can i run a report which shows how many active card holders we had in a specific fiscal year? the only report i can find is a current unexpired report.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  It is evident I can read but can't write/or type. Sorry for my errors

Bill from the Brehm Library:  To mask or not to mask, that is the question. We are allowing the vaccinated in unmasked and taking their word that they are vaccinated. What is your opinion?

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @Ginger, I see Cassandra is on so she will probably be responding shortly.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Bill, the Directors Listserv has certainly been buzzing on that topic!

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Bill - since we can't verify if someone is vaccinated we are, for the time being, requiring masks of everyone, staff and patrons.

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library):  Still requiring masks here in Monticello for now.

Jackie CAMP:  We are stating that mask are required until we reach phase 5 of restore IL

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library):  @ Jackie - I like that - perhaps we should wait until we reach Phase 5.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  How is everyone doing? we are still playing it cautious in Staunton., still requiring the mask, still doing grab bags for SRP, just waiting for Phase 5-- hopefully soon! we did put a few chairs out. It was a huge moment for us.

Kay Burrous  South Macon 2:  We are masking...if you have ever dealt with the public;  you knaow that you can not trust them.

Jackie CAMP:  Well  we have had patrons try to come in without a mask saying they are ok as they have had covid so they have the antibodies.

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:  @Ginger, give me just a few minutes to see what I can find.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  II thought Ashley Stewart's idea of encouraging people to wear masks for the sake of keeping children safe until they can be vacinated made a compelling argument to maintain maks wearing.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  Still requiring masks until the June board meeting.  If people are in and out, we do not require them to put on a mask.  Those who are staying to work on the computer or read the newspaper need to mask up.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  a@anna, I agree with Ashley, lets keep wearing them for the families who come in to the library

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  We are still requiring masks.  I've had several people ask me if I was vaccinated, then why was I still wearing a mask?  Then they proceed to tell me they aren't vaccinated but they never wear a mask anywhere.  And that is exactly why we still require them.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  We have masks in ziplock bags up by the front door for anyone who walks in without one- It seems to work well. no problems so far.

Ginger - Athens:  @Cassandra, no problem!

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  Our SRP will be outdoors with smaller groups.  Kids will be able to come in to check out books but otherwise we are weather dependent and outdoors.

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library):  I lost my Children's Librarian so our SRP will be abbreviated.  Independent Reading, Virtual Programs, and Take n Makes.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  It feels like a transitional SRP - not full on but not virtual only like last year.  Kind of like baby steps for us.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Kathleen---nice way to look at it!

Don, Philo:  @Ginger  Would the patron code counts get you the information you are looking for?  There is a report for that in the custom folder under utilities

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @Kathleen that is an excellent analogy. We are learning how to walk all over again on this forward path.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @JO- It makes no sense to me how people can be so caviler with the mask.. I bet we all know someone who was sick or passed away from this. Makes no sense to me!

Bill from the Brehm Library:  @Lisa same here. I have one of my fulltimers take over for the Children's Librarian on SRP (at least she had it all set up before she left). Can we not use the abbreviation SRP. Our field (librarianship) is second only to the military in acronyms.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Just a gentle reminder that now is the time to fill out your non-resident fee survey!  Here's the link from our website:

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  Anyone joining us for the first time today?

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @jackie, I laughed at your comment of patrons telling you they are ok, they have the antibodies. LOL

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Thanks Ellen- I appreciate those reminders. With all the distractions, it can easily be forgotten. Or you thought you did it but NOPE, you did not.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Julie - I agree!  I wish I could make them understand.   However, that is not my job (to make them understand) - just to comply with the rules in the library.  I also have used Ashley's reasoning - mask up for the kids.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Julie---we've all be there!

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library):  I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask to mask up for the kids.  We are entering the summer where we have far more kids in the library than any other time of year.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Everyone, We are hoping to throw a big party on the lawn this summer for the families that would normally attend SRP (sorry Bill).. if we can stay in Phase 5. We have done this in the past as a big birthday celebration for the library. I hope it happens.

Jackie CAMP:  Nice @Julie

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  I have 82 kids signed up for our SRP, which is including a mix of a reading challenge, a weekly scavenger hunt, a story hour split into several sections to make sure we don't have too many people, small group kids reading clubs, and a program called Junior Librarians.  I am super exctied about it and having kids in the library again this summer.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @jp. you are right. It is not our job to convince anyone. Just please wear a mask while in the library. Great advice!

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  Our 20th year is next year from when we moved to this building.  Do you have any suggestions I could glean to make it a memorable celebration?

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Julie, we are planning a party as well, but are not advertising the specifics just in case we need to scale down.  We're hoping for blow-ups, Mr. Softee, and pizza for everyone, but we might have to go down to a pizza coupon and squirt guns.  LOL

Jackie CAMP:  We are doing in person SRP outdoors with entertainers but cut to only an hour, so praying for no rain

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  *Jo not jp, sorry:)

Ginger - Athens:  Carrie, that sounds awesome! The mom of some of your Junior Librarians was in with her 4th grade class yesterday. I want to sign up and be a junior librarian! ha!

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  The system will be celebrating 10 years of existing as Illinois Heartland Library System.  We will be planning  some ways to celebrate so keeping checking this space and the newsletter for more information.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Julie - no worries!  I've been called worse.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Anna, that's exciting!

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  Have people received the Monicals coupons yet?

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  @Rachel I haven't.  I signed up for it and haven't heard a thing Rachel S. (Arcola):  @Rachel - No! Still waiting...

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  I did reach out to the Zion day care group this year to see if we could set up a book mobile with them . Normally they would visit me for storytime in our library but thinking outside the box this time. I miss the kids!

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @Carrie, we think so and we are excited how far we have all come in that time.  You are all part of what has made us successful.

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library):  @ Rachel - no Monicals coupons yet - they said probably end of May.

Jackie CAMP:  wow has it been 10 years already???

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Jackie!  It has indeed!

Jackie CAMP:  I will celebrate 19 years at our library on July 1st, I don't know where time goes. We just got a $1,000 donation today as a thank you for all we do for the community <3

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library):  @ Jackie - nice donation.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  I love to hear what everyone is doing.. I am thinking ahead to phase 5-- this will be no more limits correct? I can not imagine how I will feel when we get there. do we set up all of our toys again and bring back all the chairs? it is going to take a bit for me to get used to it.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Jackie!  That's great---stories like that just warm your heart.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @jackie, I love to hear those wonderful stories.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @Jackie, that is fantastic!!!!! Congratulations and what a vote of confidence in your importance to the community.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Jackie - that's wonderful!

Jackie CAMP:  It really touched my heart! As we all know the struggles and challenges this last year has thrown at us.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Julie.  Once you're compliant with local and state rulings, you're board can determine what works in your community.

Angie -- Trenton Public:  Crazy question .... but will there be Cardinals tickets this year?

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Thanks Ellen- I asked our board this week to weigh in on the mask issue. Everyone agreed, play it safe and keep wearing them till phase 5. It feels like a team here in Stn during this health crisis.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Angie, I don't see that many people from your neck of the woods on this chat.  You might want to post that in the Directors listserv and more folks from the Metro-East will see that.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @Julie, glad you have that support.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @Angie the MEPL meeting is coming up  on June 10.;data=04%7C01%7C%7C0d1cb0c89f424231d01b08d921298425%7Cad3877b36b3b4c2c878f78e3a8da1075%7C0%7C0%7C637577284473159439%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C1000&amp;sdata=U18kWbHyH%2F0xsFX4rim%2FaS4QM9gZFm6UqLl044RwOo0%3D&amp;reserved=0

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @Anna. I am very lucky to have the board that I do. They have all been amazing Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  Has anyone received the money from the state in regards to the PPE grant?

Bill from the Brehm Library:  Back in the Fall for the PPE money

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  @Kathleen Yes we got the PPE and Technology grant monies already Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @Kathleen, Yes, we received our money from PPE.

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:  Ginger, I'm having a hard time finding what you are looking for. I have reports for activity within a certain time period, but not just of card holders. I'm going to have our reports specialist, Terry Moreland, take a look and see if she can work her magic.

Kelsey Schaep-- Nashville PL:  @Kathleen We received our PPE money in February.

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  @Cassandra & Ginger - Dena found this information for me last week for IPLAR

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  I am trying to plan programs and  am wondering, when do you take your vacaton?

Angie -- Trenton Public:  Thank you for that, Anna.  I will TRY to attend the meeting.  I have to bring a laptop from home to do ZOOM, since we don't have cameras on any of our library computers

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:  What date range do you need? I'll cc Dena to see what report she pulled for an older fiscal year, instead of current data.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @ Angie, we will be doing a technology survey sometime soon to find out information about you computers like what you just shared.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  As  summer is starting, does this group want to keep having these chats on a weekly basis?  Please chime in!

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  Should I try to contact someone about the PPE grant and if so, who do you recommend?

Kay Burrous  South Macon 2:  Yes!

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Ellen, I would still like weekly.

Bill from the Brehm Library:  Every two weeks would work for me.

Jackie CAMP:  I will just hop on when I can throughout the summer.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  Since we were awarded the grant in this fiscal year I would like to get it on the books before our fiscal year ends in June.

Teresa (Paris):  @Ellen  Weekly is a little too much for me, but willing to just participate when I can.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Kathleen, I think anyone in the Library Development group at the State Library will be able to help you.

Ginger - Athens:  @Cassandra - sorry to ask such a tricky question. Thanks for your dedication to an answer!!

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  @ Ellen - thank you!

Carol Tomaszewski/Ashley:  Or perhaps, have a 30 minute weekly meeting.

Mary Ray/Sidell District Library:  May be having a story hour on Thursday afternoon in summer, so would coincide with my atending the chat.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @Ginger, Cassandra and the whole Share team are good like that.

Ginger - Athens:  Cassandra, let me email you!

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @Ellen twice a month would be fine,, I can hop on when I can or read the archives when I miss a chat.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  Of course I am surrounded by Share people in the Carbondale office, but they are not forcing me to sing their praises. I know how hard they work.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  What does everyone else think? Weekly, every other week? Once a month?  or Catch as catch can?

Kami Komm - Germantown:  @ Kathleen - our PPE money was sent directly to our account.  I wouldn't have known about it, but our treasurer asked what the $500 might be for.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  @ Ellen I assume the traffic survey is coming up soon- July I think. Is this correct?

Don, Philo:  monthly is fine with me

Carol Tomaszewski/Ashley:  @ Anna   Weekly

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Julie, last year people started filling it out in August,  so you're right on track.  Maybe late July, early  August.  I will be for the period beginning July 1, 2020 and running through June 30, 2021.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Ellen- Thanks, I like to get them completed early otherwise I might forget. It it on my calendar now.

Pam - West Frankfort Public:  Every other week would be good. During the summer I like to hear what is and is not working for Summer Reading Programs so we can use ideas if needed.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @ Julie, we just completed for 2019-2020. I think you are right that the counting will  run July 2020 to June 2021.  But Ellen is right that they usually don't put the form up until August.  I appreciate you wanting to get it completed early in the process. It saves both you and us from all the annoying nagging.

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  @Anna I would never consider it to be annoying nagging but gentle reminders :)

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Rachel---you're kind!

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Anna- it actually happened to me this year- I thought we had completed the survey and thankfully YOU sent me the reminder. I had started it way back in the day and forgot about it. Heck of a year will do that to you. Thanks for the extra push.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  @Rachel_Sherman. you are very kind. We do have your best interests at heart.

Mary Ray/Sidell District Library:  This being my first time as a director, I need those reminders!

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Anna and Ellen - it is not annoying or nagging.  I think of it as cheering us on to the finish line!  Very much appreciated.  Thank you.

Carol Tomaszewski/Ashley:  @ Anna  @ Ellen  Feel free to send reminders!!!

Kami Komm - Germantown:  Love the reminders!!!  There are so many things to remember.  I need them even when I write things down.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Be careful what you wish for, Carol!

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  Have a good weekend everybody. I am planning on spending mine at home, just doing things around the house. First time in weeks.

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  The good thing  about the reminders is that I do hear from many of you with updates  about what is going on in your libraries. I always enjoy that.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Bill- Enjoy the time away Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  Thank you all!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Bill, enjoy!  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and you'll have a long weekend coming up for Memorial Day!

Rachel R (Steeleville):  Sorry to randomly change topics, but I got here late and have to run again but could someone tell me how to get an email address added to the Director's Listserve? The emails are being sent to our previous director's email which I would like to stop using. Our permanent  director's email is

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Thanks everybody. Enjoy the sunshine!

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  Have a great weekend, everyone!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @ Rachel.  I'll send you an e-mail!

Rachel R (Steeleville):  Thanks, Ellen!

Anna Yackle - IHLS:  Have a great week. We will chat next week.