TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - October 15, 2020


Directors' Chat
Thursday, October 15, 2020


Bill from Mt. Vernon: I got exposed. Won't hear back about the test for up to 72 hours.

Janet-Carlinville Public Library: Or longer.  Sorry you are having to go through this.

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  I got exposed. Won't hear back about the test for up to 72 hours.

Julia, IHLS: @Bill, Oh My. Hope you get your results quickly and you are fine. I was going to say, I hope you get a positive result back, but in this case, a positive is a negative.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Sorry about repeating myself. This computer doesn't work like the one in my office.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Anybody else have staff in quarantine or staying home?

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin Public: We had to close for two weeks during September due to quarantining for surgery and my staff member that was going to pick up the slack was exposed at church.

Janet-Carlinville Public Library: We have had 2.  One for traveling to a red state and one whose school age son developed symptoms that later turned out to be a cold.  It took 4 days for his results.

Shari Rawlings: Our staff and I are doing well .

Maria Dent - Mt. Zion District: One of my FT staff was exposed in a different county and that county’s health dept contacted her telling her to quarantine at home.  This was 8 days after exposure.  Tested negative, but had to finish the full quarantine

Mary Ray/Sidell District Library: So far, no problems.

Scott - Lake Land College: The numbers today wer downright frightening.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Good afternoon, everyone!  Interesting conversations so far!

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Bill, after the brain scramble of the testing process, I am all the rest is smooth sailing and you are not infected.

Deb Paxton Carnegie: 45 new cases in this county the last two days

Scott - Lake Land College: Over 4000 new cases statewide today

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: We have one staff member who just tested positive this week. We were closed yesterday and today. I talked with our local health dept and because of the precautions our staff and customers take, we are opening back up tomorrow.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Carbondale Public closed at the end of last week and was able to reopen yesterday.  It was due to a member of the staff testing positive.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: I shared an article yesterday on the Directors list about how there has been a real surge in cases in rural areas in the Midwest.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Only 20 new cases in the last two days in Jefferson County. Up but not crazy numbers.......yet.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Just proves no matter how frustrated and fatigued we all have become over covid it is not going away.

Scott - Lake Land College: Coles County is up to 8.4%, and I understand there are going to be measures coming soon

Stephanie Carmi Public Library: I tested positive a couple of weeks ago but by the time I tested and my test came back I was out of quarantine.  We closed for 4 days and had the building sprayed.  All is well now!

Kathleen: Quincy is at 10%.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: @Stephanie, glad you are OK

Scott - Lake Land College: Surrounding states are pretty bad. Missouri has seen a steady decline, but the other contiguous states are all in double figures for positivity rates...

Ellen Popit/IHLS: I hope that we'll "see" some of you at the virtual ILA conference next week.

Julia, IHLS: The IMLS / REALM Project released another study that show that the infectious virus survived through eight days on both natural leather and synthetic leather fabrics.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Hi Everyone, We started with a bang today. Sorry to hear many of you are having these issues. We had two persons exposed, they were gone til their results came back negative. We are rolling with the flow. what ever comes next.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Julie---that's the healthiest attitude we can have!

Bill from Mt. Vernon: So are we changing the quarantine time for materials?

Peggy MVE: So far, we've had three people who had to quarantine at various times over the summer. No staff members have tested positive yet.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Bill, that's a statewide conversation and it is in discussion with ISL, CARLI and RAILS.

Shari Rawlings: Is anyone having in library programs yet ?

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  eEllen: It has taken me awhile to get there.  I am in Positive thinking mode  most the time rules, but sometimes, I let that negative stuff sink in -- that takes a lot more energy to deal with. ha ha

Ellen Popit/IHLS: It does, Julie!

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Just the adult book club. Our meeting room is big enough to allow social distancing

Scott - Lake Land College: We barely have in library patrons.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @shari!  I believe Litchfield has had Lego programs.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public: One staff member has had to quarantine twice so far.  Many people in our community are testing positive but the schools are still open.

Deb Paxton Carnegie: No in person programs here, just pick up packets.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Our numbers are down by about half

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Shari- Staunton is not having any in the house programming, we are doing grab bags every month and story book walks every couple weeks -- Everyone seems to enjoy them so we will keep doing this for awhile.

Ginger - Athens: We're still doing Story Hours

Pam - West Frankfort Public: Shari - We are having in person story time and teen craft day once a week. Both are going great! Everyone is so glad to be back.

Rachel- Sherman PLD: We had ladies from League of Women voters register voters outdoors.  Also, we are doing take & make crafts.

Ginger - Athens: We have a book sale this weekend.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: We're only doing passive programs at the moment.  A lot of our conference room is taken up with quarantine, and my programmer isn't comfortable with the  small space that's left over.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): We are sending ou YABC care packages every 6 weeks or so.  I feel like a broken record so bare with me if you have heard this all before. It is the same thing, just different months.

Scott - Lake Land College: We had a VERY weird delivery thing occur. One of our maintenance staff foud 2 tubs of materials that had apparenly been brought to campus in May in a meeting room currently being used for storage. I have NO idea how they got there.

Jo - Greenville Public Library: We have had story time at the park.  The chillier it gets, the more the numbers are going down.  I plan to keep doing them through October

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Ginger how did you conduct the sale? l know it was outdoors and i assume masks and social distancing, but did you have several tables and how was money handled?

Scott - Lake Land College: Was delivery even running in May?

Julie Jarman (Staunton): JO- I think that is great! story in the park,

Teresa (Paris): Good news this week is our meeting room no longer has a hole in the wall! Paint, carpet, and reinstalling the suspended ceiling still to come. Also waiting on delivery of the bricks for the outer wall.

Shari Rawlings: We are doing a Take n Make for the adults for Christmas  Decorations.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Scott, I don't think that delivery started until sometime in June, but I have lost ALL sense of time!

Julie Jarman (Staunton): No delivery in May- that is weird!

Jo - Greenville Public Library: @Julie - thank you.  I make craft kits for them to take home.

Ginger - Athens: The last sale was outdoors. This one is inside. Limited number of shoppers, masks, and it's a bag sale. $5/bag. No one double-touches the books then.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: As we head back indoors  I am thinking classes on journaling, creative writing, etc. might be fun.

Scott - Lake Land College: @Ellen, that's what I thought as well. but one was dated in May and one June. They had several items that were still in transit to us that we had started trying to track down [Twilight Zone theme plays in background]

Julie Jarman (Staunton): OTC has been getting our business. they have these packaged art kits, all materials are in there . No touching items once they go in the bag. These are the types of things going in the monthly grab bags.

Rachel- Sherman PLD: Our September patron count was down 52% (no story-times/programs) but our circulation was only down 23%.  I'm glad patrons are still checking out materials.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Rachel, that's good to hear.

Shari Rawlings:    Our circulation is starting to go back up

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Teresa, I bet you're glad the hole is's been there quite a while now! :-)

Julie Jarman (Staunton): our numbers are down too. It is slow and steady, but nothing like pre March numbers

Scott - Lake Land College: Teresa, did you have to learn to do drywall? All kinds of skills you learn as a librarian... ;-)

Ellen Popit/IHLS: It should go without saying that no one needs to worry about those numbers, we'll just ride it out.  Don't let that add to anyone's stress level.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Teresa, I bet you never thought you would have to type about a hole in the conference room. 2020

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD: I'm working from home today because my daughter's daycare is closed. They are waiting on some COVID results. Abby wasn't exposed, thank goodness.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Shari- I was wondering about things to do for Christmas. I am also thinking of doing adult craft items to hand out at the desk. Does anyone do this for their adult patrons?

Teresa (Paris): I feel like the library gods are throwing everything at me this year.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: One positive is that our loans to other libraries have really gone up with all of this.  

Anna Yackle - IHLS: We have been at this for over 8 months, how would you assess your stress level ? What have been some of the things that really challenged you?

Bet Fuchs: Is anyone planning a remote Family Reading Night program for November?

Sandy West - RLCA: II wonder if there will be an announcement from the governor soon.

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin Public: @Esther stay safe.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Esther, glad that Abby is alright :)

Ellen Popit/IHLS: I just finished a book where a kid had punched hole in the wall and the family just put a frame around it!

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Sandy, he had a press conference earlier this week, but I missed it.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: For family reading night, we're going to do a reading bingo through Facebook.  The Friends are going to give away a Kindle Fire to the grand prize winner.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: @Ellen, what is the name of that book?

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD: Thanks Kristina! This was the second scare for the daycare. They've been open the entire time--at first for just essential workers and. this is only their 2nd time

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: I should add it will be for the whole month of November.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: @Kathleen that is a very nice gift.

Bet Fuchs: How does the Facebook bingo work?

Shari Rawlings:  My  Stress level is extremely High, Beside the  covid stuff, We have a mess going on with our building.

Scott - Lake Land College: 2020: The Year of Murphy's Law

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Anna, Redwood and Ponytail.  It's part of the cloud library.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: We wanted something that might entice new people to try out the library.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Shari, what is the mess?

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Murphy was an optimist

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD: @Anna, I am listening to this webinar on the 21st: Taking Care of Your Staff (and Yourself) During the COVID-19 Pandemic . It talks about dealing with burnout for directors and their staffs.

Shari Rawlings:  The building next to us is about to fall on our library.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Oh Scott what will we do without you?

Scott - Lake Land College:  I don't think even Nostradamus could have thought this stuff up.

Teresa (Paris): @Shari That's worse than a hole!!!

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Anna- learning that I can not control anything.. just form a good team. with my staff and board, set some guidelines and go from there.

Shari Rawlings: That building is only inches away. It is really scary to be in here.

Rachel- Sherman PLD: I'm not that stressed in the library.  There's only so much you can do.  I feel like I have the library environment as under control as I can.   I can enforce mask wearing and hand sanitizing and set an example  for the community.  It's when I venture out into other public areas that my stress level goes up.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: @Julie, we are doing a weekly project/craft for all ages.  They sign up the week before, then have a kit to take home to create.   Patrons love it!

Julie Jarman (Staunton): LOL, love that Bill. Murphy was an optimist.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: We're working on game cards with reading activities.  Every few days we'll "call out" an activity.  Whoever completes the activities and gets a straight line will win a little prize, but black out cards will go in a drawing for the Kindle.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Shari, I am sorry I remember now. Living under the Sword of Damocles

Ellen Popit/IHLS: I'm just throwing out there that there will be a session on stress relief as part of member day.  Sounds like it will be a good topic!

Ginger - Athens: Similar, @Rachel. Stress at work isn't bad... it's other areas of life! ha

Julia, IHLS: We hope everyone is able to join us for IHLS Member Day on Nov. 10. Ellen & Anna have put together some great sessions:

Ellen Popit/IHLS: We've got about 158 folks registered so far!  We hope to "see" lots of you there!

Kami - Germantown: Doing grab n go crafts on Thursdays and posted my first virtual storytime on Facebook this past Saturday.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Thanks Amy- that webinar sounds like a great idea

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Thank you Julia, I am very excited about our line-up and hope everyone can come. No travel challenges this year.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Rachel, I'm with you.  Going to WalMart makes me furious.

Jennifer Cernich - Riverton Village Library: I agree with Rachel.  Our library situation is a good one.  Elsewhere is still in question!

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library): @Kathleen - my last trip to Walmart was in February.

Peggy MVE: The people who insist COVID-19 isn’t a “thing” are a headache. Doesn’t happen as much at the library. My focus is on only spending $ at local businesses that enforce mask rules.

Scott - Lake Land College: Oh, Anna - There are mornings when getting to the computer to work from home is a challenge.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Ellen, that would be wonderful!  Too bad we can't have an in person foot rub or something.  lol

Ellen Popit/IHLS: I haven't been to Wal-Mart since March, but I have made about 3 Target runs!

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Amy and Julie those are both great suggestions and activities. Rachel I agree with you.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Sounds wonderful, Kathleen!

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Carrie, I like that. We are not doing any programming, just handing out bags at the desk- our numbers in Staunton seem to be going up daily. 118 in a town of 5,000 . We do feel comfortable handing out pre packaged fun things. Adult might enjoy it too.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Our Friends group is also going to send home treats with the local senior citizens home delivered meals with a plug for the library.  Cookies, cups of ice cream, etc.

Sandy West - RLCA: Spread the word to your family and friends who want to try for a chance to get a full ride scholarship from Rend Lake College.  Must be a new student.  All they do is text "full ride" to 618439-4300 or check out Q106 radio station's website.

Peggy MVE: We have lots of take and make kits. We're having a sidewalk chalk contest, posting photos on FB.

Scott - Lake Land College: There are days when I feel reasonably good about things. And there are days when I remember an old saying: When you are up to your *** in alligators, it is difficult to remember that the original objective was to dredge the swamp...

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Kathleen that is a very kind idea from your Friends

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: What kind of take home crafts go good for adults?

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Kami- I am addicted to on line story time now. We have been doing it since March. Staunton just taped its 72nd book of the year this week. I hope you like it.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Peggy sounds like fun.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: I've always held that the reason they don't object to masks at a library is because libraries are noted for having rules you must follow (HA).

Peggy MVE: Anna, we have great creative staff who are always finding fun ways to connect with our patrons.

Scott - Lake Land College: @Bill LOL

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin Public: @Sandy that is awesome.  Thank you.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD: @Kathleen, right now, we have some cute coffee filter ghosts to make, we've made beaded laynards for masks, pumpkin signs for your door, umm.. we've done them each week. The patrons love the adult crafts

Kami - Germantown: @ Julie - I am avoiding the copyright issues and staying away from books at the moment.  I am trying to stick to public domain stories.  I really have to practice my memorization skills.  :-)

Julia, IHLS: Stress - this is very basic and before COVID, but it has simple reminders. I like the one that says, when things aren't going as planned, learn to say, "That's interesting." Coping during times of extreme stress:

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Anna, I'm trying to think up community service ideas that will reach people who never come to the library and that promotes the library at the same time.

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: @Amy, coffee filter ghosts sound so cute!

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Our schools are enforcing very strongly the mask, so I assume most understand the importance. We get a few adults who have not been paying attention, who do not have kids in school who wander in and look at us as if we are from Mars. They are asked to go stand in the hall and we will wait on them curbside from there.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Kathleen, what about promoting the cloud library?

Ginger - Athens: I've had to deal with behavior issues from a middle schooler this week.... those of you who are less open right now, just remember, you could be dealing with that! ;)

Scott - Lake Land College: @Ellen @Anna @ Cassandra Are the systems subject to the state office budget cuts I have been hearing about?

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Amy, do you have pics online anywhere that I could look at?

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Scott, I think everyone will be looking at their budgets.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Ok Scott having lived through one system closure, you have increased my anxiety levels. HAHAHA.

Scott - Lake Land College: @ Ginger sorry. Sometimes the college aged ones are no fun either. But I hear you

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: That's a great idea, Ellen!  Our cloud library check outs have doubled since all of this, which is good for a small library.  Thank you!

Ginger - Athens: @Scott, probably the same stuff... just bigger kids...

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD: @Kathleen, they are on our Facebook. If that doesn't work for you, we could email you some pics, just let me know :-)

Scott - Lake Land College: @Anna Sorry about that - I was on a call yesterday where it got mentioned.

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Ginger, what is it with that age group. I have a friend who is a school counselor and they suggested a remote island until they regained social skills.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Kami, great idea- I mention the author, the book publisher and the fair use act in a pandemic. at one time, many of the book co waived copy rights but I am not sure these were extended. I will keep doing this until I get told to stop. Then I will ask you for help on public domain stories, lol. that is my plan b.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Thanks, Amy!

Johnnie Halstead: We had a Book Sale Sept. 21 - 30 and it went really well. We aren't a big library so we didn't have more than 1 person looking at a time. We did donations and I think people give more on donations. We still had a lot of books left and the hospitals aren't taking any books, so I found that the Warming Center in Carbondale was happy to get them. I took 4 boxes last week and probably going to take 3/4 more this week. They would like some shelves if anyone in the C'dale area has any extra.

Ginger - Athens: @Anna, remote island! Yes. I have the first resident. haha

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Scott, no problem, I will just contact you and Bill for some laughs. Seriously, I am just living in the moment and hoping for the best for everyone.

Scott - Lake Land College: It's frustrating - because of covid, some of the places that wold take book donations won't do it now.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Amy, how have you done the community scavenger hunt?  that looks fun,

Jo - Greenville Public Library: RE: remote island - Lord of the Flies, part 2?

Julie Jarman (Staunton): I hate to bring this up but are the Per cap essay questions up yet on cyberdrive?

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Jo you made me snort laugh.

Shari Rawlings: We put together a  fall scavenger hunt for the kids

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Thanks for sharing that Johnnie. That is good to know.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Amy, I had to go back and read the transcript to catch up. Love those cool art project you shared with us.  

Bill from Mt. Vernon: My board is up to chapter 9 on Serving our Public

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Gold Star Bill

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Re:  Per Capita.  Soon, the message from the state library is to beg everyone not to get anxious about it.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Shari, would you be willing to share the scavenger hunt with me so that I can steal, I mean borrow, it? :-)

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Our board has finished the first part- We will go over the second part ( chap 9 and up) this week. I would like to start on these questions soon but??

Deb Paxton Carnegie: I've seen nothing yet about per cap grant. Have I missed something? I heard they were thinking about changing it to March?

Jackie CAMP: We are doing a Halloween Scavenger hunt at our local park, on Halloween and we will have hot chocolate. We made up different sheets so not everyone starts in the same place but they end at the pavilion in the park and the kids trade their sheets in for a goodie back and we are giving away 3 local eatery gift cards

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public: The requirements are not up as far as I know.  I called them this week and they said they are behind because of covid and the extra grants that they are now processing as well.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Thanks Ellen- just now saw your message. I will just wait patiently for it.

Jackie CAMP: goodie bag

Shari Rawlings: Kathleen  , I just printed on off of Pinterest.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: I hope they allow enough space to review the results on the Per Capita. We meet many of the goals, but there is still a lot to talk about. Last year they limited the number of words to 140 per section.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD: @kathleen, our scavenger hunt is super fun for families.  I didn't create it, so I don't know exactly each step, but essentially, we asked businesses to put a sign up in their yard or a sign in their window. Then we'd have questions that require you to go to each place. The secret is that the places are all historical in nature, so we are secretly teaching them!

Rachel- Sherman PLD: That's awesome Amy!

Scott - Lake Land College: Amy, SHHH. Don't give it away!

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Shari, just search for community scavenger hunt?

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD: @ah, thanks Julie. Well, shoot. Scott, if I can't trust librarians.. who can I trust?

Jackie CAMP: Those of you who have Hoopla, are you satisfied with it. Since no new movies are coming out on DVD we are thinking of offering it to our patrons.

Shari Rawlings:  Kathleen, I just searched fall scavenger hunt

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Thank you, Amy!

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library): @Jackie - my patrons LOVE Hoopla.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Thanks, Shari!

Jackie CAMP: I have put it off long enough, I need to get this going. Thank you Lisa

Scott - Lake Land College: Amy - I'm just saying that you never know when a patron might hear something they aren't supposed to. Like telling your kids that the treat you made them is actually healthy!

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Amy that is fantastic, I always like learning things while having fun.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: @Jackie - in July we started offering Hoopla and Kanopy.  Patrons are so happy with it!  We've noticed a drop in overdrive usage because they're getting books from Hoopla.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Scott, like hiding broccoli in brownies?

Maria Dent - Mt. Zion District: Our patrons love Hoopla as well. It was great to have while we were closed as well as allowing us to have our book club virtually.  We chose books that were on Hoopla so everyone could have access to a copy

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: @Kathleen pumpkin in brownies is actually pretty good! :)

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Cassandra, that sounds yummy.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Speaking of historical, our own beloved Kathryn Harris is doing an online Harriet Tubman as part of the "Looking for Lincoln" conversations on the evening of October 21st.  I couldn't find a good link, but it may be streaming live on Facebook.  Kathryn's Harriet is always a delight for any of you who haven't seen her.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Jackie, if you have the extra funding, I would look into it more,  We researched it back in the spring and would love to offer it here but do not have enough cash flow right now to swing it

Scott - Lake Land College: Oh, dear. The next meeting is in 10 minutes. My brain hurts.

Ginger - Athens: Question. What do non cataloging libraries do with books that aren't in the system? Do you all do the pocket/card method?

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD: Kathryn Harris is awesome!  

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Thanks Ellen that sounds fantastic.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: @Ginger - I'll mail them in to be catalogued.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Ellen, do you know how she's listed on Facebook or who she's presenting for?  I think people here would like to see that.

Ginger - Athens: @Carrie, and that costs, right? I'm new! ha!

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: LOL I'm new, too, actually.  But our former director showed me.  Yes, $3/book.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Kathryn will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.

Ginger - Athens: @Carrie. We must stick together. Thank you.

Scott - Lake Land College: Hang in there, everyone. Stay healthy!

Anna Yackle - IHLS: You too Scott.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD: Looking for Lincoln

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: It is $3 for full bibs that can be imported from OCLC and $10 per item that needs full cataloging. I’ll have Edie reach out to go over the process.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Thanks Amy!  You're the bomb!

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Great Amy, thanks

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Kathleen, here's a link to the best information I could find:

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: For petitions for candidates - is the number of signatures they need a percentage of the population?

Ginger - Athens: @Cassandra, thanks!

Kay Burrous  South Macon: Stay safe!

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Thank you Ellen!

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: And of course CMC will catalog some items free: local authors, local genealogy, local history.

Shari Rawlings:  Have a Great Weekend

Julia, IHLS: Here is an article, A Conversation with Harriet Tubman:

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD: It's a percentage from how many of those voted in the LAST election, at least for our county. It should say on the petition documents

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Don't forget to register for Member Day!

Julie Jarman (Staunton): I did already!!!yay!

Maria Dent - Mt. Zion District:’s a % of the number of voters in the previou Library Board election.  Your County Clerk should be able to give you the number or you could look it up on line

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: Do you know what the percentage is?

Anna Yackle - IHLS: Always a pleasure to chat with you all. Take care. Thanks for  joining in on the discussion.

Carol: Who all is closing on election day?

Rachel- Sherman PLD: I just joined the board of trustees at Prairie Skies Public Library District and they cover 4 counties I have no clue how they come up with the percentage for that!

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Carol, Groff will be open.

Carol: My board decided to close

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: Shelbyville will be open.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD: Congratulations Rachel!  My board decided to close as well.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: Maroa will be open.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): We are closed for election day in Staunton. I am looking forward to the day off

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Looking forward to next Thursday!  Let's hope for lower numbers!

Jennifer Cernich - Riverton Village Library: Riverton will be open

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Thanks all, stay safe, Hope to talk to you all next week.

Maria Dent - Mt. Zion District: Mt Zion is open giving FT staff 2 hours granted leave

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Maria, I believe that's what's in the system's personnel handbook.

Twilla Coon-Mount Carmel Public Library: Mount Carmel Public Library will be closed on election day, Everyone have a great weekend. Thank you for all the information that you give.

Jackie CAMP: We will be closed