TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - October 8, 2020


Directors' Chat
Thursday, October 8, 2020


Bill from Mt. Vernon: While it is too soon to tell, it looks like the next round of IMLS grants might cover hotspots we can loan

Anna Yackle IHLS: While we are waiting just wanted to share some quotes about fall for your enjoyment.     “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ―F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
     “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ―L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables
    There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves. ―Joe L. Wheeler
     Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile. ―William Cullen Bryant
    Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons. ―Jim Bishop
    I loved autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it. ―Lee Maynard
    You have so many autumns: so many selves, waiting to be shaken down. ―Zhou Mengdie
    Autumn colors remind us we are all one dancing in the wind. ―Lorin Morgan-Richards
    As the season changes, we learn to adapt. ―Lailah Gifty Akita
    “Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of t

Deb Paxton Carnegie Library: Love those Anna!

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Thanks, Anna!  How is everyone this afternoon?

Mary Ray/Sidell District Library: Doing well, how about you?

Shari / Hope Welty:  Doing Great

Ellen Popit/IHLS: We're keeping busy!

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: Doing well. Went from heat back to AC!

Deb Paxton Carnegie Library: Wishing I were talking a walk in the woods!

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Monica!  Welcome to Illinois!

Janet-Carlinville Public Library: Too nice a day to be inside working!

Anna Yackle IHLS: Deb I agree.

Julia, IHLS: "As the season changes, we learn to adapt." ―Lailah Gifty Akita  --- We have all  been adapting lately!

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: @Ellen That's for sure!!

Sara - Litchfield: "it's all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus" - Max Dennison

Peggy MVE: Great quotations. Thank you Anna.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Bill, do you have a link for the IMLS information?

Shari / Hope Welty:  We started our Storywalk this week. The kids seem to be enjoying it.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: On the ILA latest newsletter. It said: (edited) Federal COVID-19 Relief: As of this writing, Congress is expected to pass a continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government funded at current FY2020 levels and avoid a government shutdown through December 11. COVID-19 relief funding decisions are expected to take place following the November 3 election. The U.S. House of Representatives has gone back to try to come up with a new package, after passage in the House but no forward progress since then of the HEROES Act. "HEROES II" reveals the benefit of library advocacy efforts: Funding for and through IMLS is at $135 million, as opposed to $5 million in the original. Additional funding proposals have been incorporated into HEROES II, to include library-related, educational, cultural, and broadband funding as follows:IMLS: $135 million to support libraries and museums with costs and expenses associated with coronavirus, including operational supports and providing technology and resources for their communities.B

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Broadband: $12 billion for Wi-Fi Hotspots & devices for students and libraries; $3 billion for Emergency Home ConnectivityWorker Training: $1.2 billion supporting state grants for dislocated worker employment and training activities, including summer employment for youth and distance learning services through one-stop programs

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: Our staff are decorating pupmkins. It has raised their spirits quite a bit. Even if no patrons turn any in for our contest, staff sure is having a good time with it.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Thanks, Bill.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: We had a take and make for all ages, and ran out of packages in a week

Ellen Popit/IHLS: That's fun, Monica.  What great weather for doing that!

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: @Bill What kind of take and makes did you have? Were they for pumkin decorating?

Sara - Litchfield: we are doing zen gardens tomorrow and Star Wars Reads day Saturday.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Kathy.  What library are you from?

Kathy: Thornton Public Library

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Sorry, the people who did them are at lunch at the moment

Scott - Lake Land College: How unfortunate that there would not be a concerted effort to extend broadband coverage into ALL areas of the state. WiFi is fine, but infrastruture is even better.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: We are doing outdoor books for treats events the next two Saturday mornings.

Kelsey Schaep-- Nashville PL: We just started curbside crafts for kids this week. We didn't know how much participation to expect, but boy were we surprised. Sold out of all our kits within 40 minutes.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: That's great, Kelsey!

Bill from Mt. Vernon: There is a big demand out there for crafts, just hard to keep up with the demand.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: We are doing an adult take & make this week that is going over well.

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: I definitely need to make craft make and takes a priority.

Deb Paxton Carnegie Library: Where do you all buy your supplies for take and makes, etc...?

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library): Take and Make craft kits are very popular here.  We will continue to offer them.  We are working with our local Chamber of Commerce to present "Going on a Goon Hunt" for Halloween.  Chamber businesses will display a "goon" in their window and children can stop by (outside the business) to pick up a treat.  All will be masked.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: If you're planning to participate in Member Day (November 10th), please take a minute and register!  Monday is the deadline for early bird registration and the perks that come with that!  Here's the link to the Member Day website:

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: We're doing a pumpkin decorating contest, too.  Public can post a pic of their family friendly pumpkin and themselves on our Facebook page to enter.  One of our staff has made a Pete the Cat Pumpkin, a sugar skull pumpkin, and a Captain Underpants.  They are so cute!

Scott - Lake Land College: @Ellen, I hope your ears were burning yesterday afternoon after the Exec meeting. You do realize who is replacing me, don't you?

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Sara, what are you doing for the zen garden?  I'd love that!

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Yes, I think I do and it makes me very happy, Scott.

Sara - Litchfield: @ Kathleen.... china saucer, fake succulent, battery tea light, sand, rocks

Kelsey Schaep-- Nashville PL: A majority of our craft supplies have actually been donated. Anything additional that I need, I get from whereever I can find it cheapest: Amazon, Walmart, local businesses. Whoever can get me the best deal.

Sara - Litchfield: Had our first preschool story hour and LEGO Club yesterday.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: the building, Sara?

Janet McAllister - Rochester: Check out our new take-home craft! You can make a fall wreath with a pizza pan, and a few other items. Make sure you pick up the paper bag with the pizza pan!!Instructions can be found on our Tik Tok account - @rochesterlibrary

Scott - Lake Land College: She may well be your #1 fangirl.  She was very happy to see you yesterday.

Janet McAllister - Rochester: We get the supplies from the Dollar Tree Store

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Sara, do you have a pic online I could look at?

Sara - Litchfield: @ Kathleen its on our Facebook page @ Litchfield Public Library District

Ellen Popit/IHLS: I've known her a long time.  I remember when her daughter was born.   I'm very, very OLD!

Sara - Litchfield: @ Janet I saw those! Super cute!

Sara - Litchfield: @ Ellen yes in the big meeting room

Janet McAllister - Rochester: Thanks we ran out in one day

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Sara.  How did the kids do?

Sara - Litchfield: @ Ellen. Just fine!! 7 at story hour , 6 at LEGO

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Good!

Ginger - Athens: @Janet - great video!

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Sara, what did you do with the legos when they were done?

Sara - Litchfield: @ Ellen closed them up. won't touch for another 7 days so they should be fine. All hands were sanitized upon entry of room

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Sara.  Sounds like a plan!!!!

Sara - Litchfield: @ Ellen so far so good. parents were happy ; kids were happy... but no snack, and that was a bummer lol

Janet McAllister - Rochester: Dollar Tree has an awesome FB craft group page with great cheap crafts!

Julia, IHLS: I belong to a 'stamping' group that has been doing virtual classes. Vendors have kits for sale a few weeks ahead of time and then they have Facebook live sessions where the instructors shows how to do the project and everyone follows along at the same time.

Ginger - Athens: We had 11 at last week's baby/toddler story hour. (insert wide-eye emoji). Families are so excited to have somewhere to take their littles!

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Sara, I miss so much of that!

Sara - Litchfield: @ Ginger thats great!

Sara - Litchfield: @ Ellen I took a FB poll in August: who was ready for in person and who wasn't. 59% were ready.... so we just bit the bullet and did it!! Had $9 night out with 11 people

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: @Julia - I'd love to know more about that group.  I love stamping and embossing.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Sara.  What's a $9 night out?

Sara - Litchfield: @ ellen  adult craft night  we charge $9 for supplies

Sara - Litchfield: projects are big and sometimes too expensive for us to "give"

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Sara.  Got it,  great title!

Julia, IHLS: @Cassie, One of a Kind Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Virtual Event:

Pam - West Frankfort Public: @Sara We have thought about doing that. Do you have them register and pre pay so you have enough supplies ?

Scott - Lake Land College: That's very nice, @Sara. Catchy title.

Shari / Hope Welty:  Are you having storytime in your library

Rachel Miller - Forsyth: Does anyone have examples of fine-free policies that they could send me?  We are looking at changing to this for next fiscal year.  

Sara - Litchfield: @ Pam yes register and pre-pay (I HATED charging for crafts but people have never complained)

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Well, they get to take something home!

Sara - Litchfield: next month we are making a candy cane wreath with deco mesh. Cost is something like $10.30, so the $9 doesn't quite cover it

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: @Sara How do you accept payment? Do you have PayPal?

Sara - Litchfield: @ Monica... cash only #oldskool lol

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: @Julia - Thank you!

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: @Sara LOL Shelbyville too!

Sara - Litchfield: @ scott thanks... I stole it from somewhere lol

Jo - Greenville Public Library: We are planning a Cemetery Walk in the oldest cemetery in town.  Two local historians will tell the stories of some of the people buried there - including the "Man with No Name."  It will be on the morning of October 31.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Jo.  That sounds fun!

Scott - Lake Land College: @Sara - borrowed. BORROWED. ;-)

Kelsey Schaep-- Nashville PL: @Jo Amazing!

Sara - Litchfield: lol scott yes borrowed

Sara - Litchfield: you can scroll our FB to see some of the $9 projects we've done  they are kinda neat!

Ellen Popit/IHLS: How is foot traffic and how are your patrons adjusting?

Sara - Litchfield: @ Ellen we finally topped 100 patrons in a day!!!

Ellen Popit/IHLS: That's great, Sara!

Sara - Litchfield: its not pre-covid numbers but its getting better daily

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: We only top 100 on holiday party days!  LOL  25 patrons is a busy day for us.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Sill running about 2/3s pre-coivd numbers of checkout of our materials, but those from other library's are about back to normal

Janet McAllister - Rochester: We are at 80% pre covid numbers

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Still

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: We are steady, but not breaking any records.  Almost no kids at times. :-(  We've got some fun kits to take home starting tomorrow and will be having a painted rock hunt for prizes starting soon.

Sara - Litchfield: @ Carrie... those days put us over 200 lol

Ellen Popit/IHLS: That's encouraging, Janet!

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Kathleen, are your kids in school (physically)?

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library): Foot traffic still slow here - added more curbside service hours.

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: Are any of you opening up your meeting rooms?

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Ellen, yes.  I don't see kids out in the neighborhood like usual, either.

Deb Paxton Carnegie Library: Our meeting room is the book quarantine room! No groups meeting here yet.

Sara - Litchfield: @ Monica ours are open.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Kathleen.  Got it.

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library): @ Monica - still using our meeting room as a quarantine area.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: We have opened our large activity room for individuals/families that need a space and wifi for virtual learning.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: Same as Deb - it's our quarantine room.  Right now we're doubling up and also using it as our holding room for weeded items.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Genealogy/local history requests are good, though.

Ginger - Athens: @Monica, ours is open. As is the back patio. It's getting lots of use by kids after school and for meetings in the evening.

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: @Carrie There never seems to be enough room for weeded and donated items waiting for the next book sale!

Kelsey Schaep-- Nashville PL: How often do you clean your restrooms? Are they open for public use?

Scott - Lake Land College: Our study room are quarantine rooms right now...

Ginger - Athens: @Diana, ours doubles as co-working/elearning too.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: If your meeting room is open, are you satisfied that people are compliant with your regulations?

Deb Paxton Carnegie Library: Restrooms closed to the public.

Sara - Litchfield: our restrooms are open ; water fountains are blocked off tho

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library): @ Kelsey - restrooms still closed.  We are still in a "grab - go - getout" phase.  No lingering.

Scott - Lake Land College: @Sara same with us

Ginger - Athens: Our meeting room is set up with the chairs already distanced. So it's being used appropriately.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Kelsey, we're a small library.  We clean every night and after a "questionable" use. lol

Bill from Mt. Vernon: We've opened the meeting room only to Board Meetings and the Book Discussion Group.

Sara - Litchfield: @ Lisa -- i like grab go getout LOL

Kelsey Schaep-- Nashville PL: Thanks everyone! Our restrooms are currently closed, but I was curious how other libraries are operating.

Rachel- Sherman PLD: No meetings.  No toys.  No in-person programs.  Restrooms are open.  Water fountain closed except for the bottle refiller.  We are grab and go too.  Masks 100% required.

Angie -- Trenton Public: I want to come to that, Jo!

Deb Paxton Carnegie Library: No lingering here as well. All tables/chairs are closed, except one computer by appointment only.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: our restrooms are open, water fountains are blocked off

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Restrooms open, fountains closed

Jo - Greenville Public Library: @Angie - should I put you on our list?

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: our room is set up with tables/chairs, at least 6' apart and everyone seems to be keeping their masks on. So far, so good.

Jo - Greenville Public Library: @Angie - we are limiting the number of people.

Sara - Litchfield: Question: can a lbrary sue in small claims court?

Kami - Germantown: The only groups I have are the school groups that come over with teachers.  Only 10 at a time allowed in the building so they are grab go and get out also.  :-)

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Sara, just looked at your website.  Stacks is beautiful!  So cute!

Sara - Litchfield: @ Kathleen... thanks! She knows she is LOL

Angie -- Trenton Public: @ Jo  -- Yes, please do.  Can I find the specifics on your library website?

Jo - Greenville Public Library: @Angie - not yet, but it will be soon.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Any questions from the group?

Ginger - Athens: I know Litchfield has Stacks, does anyone else have live animals in the library?

Sara - Litchfield: @ Ellen... small claims?

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @ Sara---as in small claims court?

Sara - Litchfield: @ Ellen... yes.   our meting room was damaged by a rental group

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Ginger.  Norris City did for a long time.  I don't know what their current pet situation is.

Janet McAllister - Rochester: we have a bunny

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Sara, can't be much help on that legal front.  Is there something in your meeting room agreement that would help?

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: No pets, but I wish I could bring my pup in with me.  

Scott - Lake Land College: @Ellen - are we still operating under the plan to not shut delivery down again even if/when things get worse?

Rachel Miller - Forsyth: Does any one in this group do fine-free?  

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Ellen, I don't think they've had one since the director before Judy.  She was a pretty little cat.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Kathleen, I remember that cat.

Pam - West Frankfort Public: @ Monica Ours is open. We use it for story time and teen craft events once a week and 2 days a week John A Logan holds their GED classes at the library.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: @ Rachel  Centralia has been fine free for almost two years.

Kami - Germantown: We are doing fine free since we opened back up.  I am hoping to keep things fine free after we are "normal."

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: @Rachel, we're fine free.

Julia, IHLS: We hope everyone can join us for IHLS Member Day on Nov. 10!

Sara - Litchfield: @ Ellen yes sort of

Peggy MVE: We are currently fine free & hope to continue that way if the board agrees.

Rachel Miller - Forsyth: We are like Kami; informally fine-free since we reopened, but now considering making it official.  I'd love to see examples of policies for this if anyone has them to share.  

Angie -- Trenton Public: We've been doing fine free since the pandemic in Mid-March.  Will continue as long as some libraries are not fully open.

Janet McAllister - Rochester: We are fine free for youth only

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Julia, thanks for mentioning Member Day.  Register by Monday the 12th for the early bird perks!

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: @ Rachel I'll email ours to you.

Rachel Miller - Forsyth: @Diana -- Thank you.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Member Day is the same day as my Boar Meeting. I'll see what I can do.

Kami - Germantown: There was a fine free seminar at ARSL.  Look at Marshall County Library in TN.  Their website has their fine free rules.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: I just registered for Member Day and sent email to staff and trustees

Sara - Litchfield: if we were fine free we wouldn't get our stuff back, its the only leverage we have

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Diana.  GREAT!

Rachel Miller - Forsyth: Thanks, Kami.   I'll take a look.

Julia, IHLS: @Sara, From what I read....for some libraries there is a difference between a late book and one that doesn't get returned. After a certain time it becomes a lost book and they have to pay for it.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: Our materials go into lost after so many weeks of being late. Patrons have to pay for lost/damaged materials.

Gary Worden PLD: Does anyone know where I can get outdoor directional street signs showing how to get to the library?

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: You can also be more agressive with your blocking conditions and time when a book flips to lost.

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library): @ Gary - I got my sign from the Illinois Deptment of Transportation.  It took a while.

Gary Worden PLD: Thanks, Lisa.

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: What did your patrons think of fine free?

Gary Worden PLD: We are fine free during the pandemic and are offering free copy service for school and work-related  items.

Nichole L. (Millstadt): @Gary, you do need to contact IDOT, there should be a regional person you can contact. When we got signs, they were helpful and quick. Just be sure that you know where exactly you want them and pass it by your city/village first.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Thanks, Nichole and Lisa.  I hadn't thought about those signs for a long time.  I remember when there was a huge push to make sure all libraries had them.

Gary Worden PLD: Thanks for the advice, Nichole.

Nichole L. (Millstadt): @Ellen and @Gary no problem!

Anna Yackle IHLS: Sorry all, I just got back in to the conversation.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Any news to share or announcements for the good of the order?

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: @Cassandra, actually our patrons LOVE fine free!  they love it to the point where our donations have outmatched our previous fines!  "Well, it's late and I feel bad.  Here's a dollar." (the fine would have been 30 cents.)

Sara - Litchfield: Our neighbor to the east got the ISL Construction grant for $684K

Ellen Popit/IHLS: That's a big grant!

Sara - Litchfield: that would be Hillsboro btw

Angie -- Trenton Public: WOW ... on the grant amount!

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: @Carrie, what a great bonus!

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Take care. Have a good weekend

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library: Thaks all!

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Have a great week everyone and register for Member Day!

Anna Yackle IHLS: I thought you needed some matching funds on those grants

Julia, IHLS: article about Hillsboro getting grant:

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: Enjoy that beautiful autumn weather!

Annette: I believe Anita at Jerseyville got a huge grant as well.  

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Annette, it's Annette Bland, right?  Want to give you credit for attending.

Annette: Yes.  I registered a couple of hours ago.  Might not have shown up yet.  

Julia, IHLS: Jerseyville:

Twilla Coon-Mount Carmel Public Library: Thank you for everything