TRANSCRIPT: IHLS Directors' Chat - March 3, 2022


Directors' Chat
Thursday, March 3, 2022


IHLS Admin:  Good Afternoon, glad to see you here Bill and Kristina

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin:  Afternoon.

IHLS Admin:  It is hard to be inside on such a beautiful day.  It is hard to believe  after the past two Thursdays that it can be Thursday and not be storming

Anna - IHLS:  How are you all doing with the Traffic Survey and Certification?

Sandy West - RLCA:  RLCA has completed the surveys.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Sandy West, are you ready for spring break?

Anna - IHLS:  That is great and much appreciated Sandy.

Sandy West - RLCA:  @Ellen is begins on Saturday. But, I'm still at the office.  The students are definitely ready though. 

Anna - IHLS:  Sandy, I am glad you join us for Directors Chat how do you think we might get more people from the Community Colleges to join? What other outlets do you have to speak with peers?

Vicki M Carr South Macon Public Library:  SMPL has everything completed also.

Anna - IHLS:  Vicki, thank you!

Sandy West - RLCA:  @Anna, that is a hard question to answer.  I'm not really sure what the other colleges in system do.  I can only guess they may do something on the NILRC or CARLI side.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  I have completed the surveys.  It is a big help to be able to see that I have submitted them when I get on L2 to look at my account.  Sometimes I forget if I have submitted an important form so the reminder is appreciated.

Anna - IHLS:  Thanks Sandy. I keep thinking we  public libraries and community colleges should partner more. I Know Suzanne Johnson from Sesser is working with your college for some literacy and GED classes.

Anna - IHLS:  @Kathleen, that is fantastic. Thank you. I am glad you are finding that feature on L2. The team behind L2 have worked hard on updating and improving it.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Kathleen.  It's also been nice to let people know they can look at the .pdfs and see how they completed the form last year.

Sandy West - RLCA:  @Anna, yes there should be more collaboration between the colleges and public libraries, but I feel we should also be working to partner with K-12 more.  It just becomes an issue of travel for most schools within the RLC district.

Anna - IHLS:  I saw a good deal of discussion on the list about in person programs. What are people thinking about Summer Reading this year?

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  I agree Kathleen, every time somebody asks how we are getting along with some report I panic, LOL!! 

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  We are planning on doing in person this year, but are setting things up so we can go virtual instead if another variant pops up.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Don't worry, Carrie---we'll always nag when we can!

Sherry Waldrep - Allerton PL:  re: summer reading - we'll be outside if weather allows, otherwise we will do programs inside. We've been doing indoor programming since the fall

Anna - IHLS:  Sorry Carrie, I don't want you to be stressed about things. I hate to nag everyone about getting  all of there reports in on time. I wish only 1 report a year would cover everything. There are all kinds of reasons that can't happen but it is nice to dream and have a goal.

Vicki M Carr South Macon Public Library:  We have resumed our normal programming with Ladies Nights and we are planning in person Summer Reading with both inside and outside programs.

Sandy West - RLCA:  We will be hosting a game day in the LRC on 4/17, not sure what all games will be set up.  We also have author, Jami Colgrave Harland coming to discuss her children's book Ava and Able Learn They are Able

Anna - IHLS:  Vicki, I love the title Ladies Nights, what do you do?

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  Programming is back to in person for us this month. We are crossing our fingers that it will last!

Mary S.:  We plan on doing as much in-person programming as we can. However the last two years have taught us to have at least one back up plan, if not a dozen!

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Ellen and Anna, you do it so sweetly, it can't be considered nagging!  And, I agree - it is very helpful.

Anna - IHLS:  @Sandy, is the Jami Colgave Harland event open to the public?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  You're kind, Jo!

Vicki M Carr South Macon Public Library:  We partner with Jennifer at Next of Kiln in Mt Zion for ceramics and have a huge (for us) turnout 25. we had to set up some of the tables in the library because the meeting room was full. On March 30th we are trying something new Bev Durham with "Just Paint It" is coming and we are making wooden door hangers.

Anna - IHLS:  @Mary S., good planning. I think everyone had had to learn resiliance and fleibility.

Sandy West - RLCA:  @anna Yes, anyone can come join in.  I will make sure that information gets sent to you when Marketing has it created.

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  Last night, my board approved building a small pavilion for outdoor programming.  We have almost no shade so this will be a needed relief.  We've used a church down the street but that takes people away from the library.  We should have it ready for Summer Reading Program.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  It's really fun to "see" all of you talk about being more fully in your buildings and restoring activities for patrons.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  That will be great, Erin!

Vicki M Carr South Macon Public Library:  We are having a local Author here on April 20th S M Cornthwaite who wrote Jack the Ripper The Man Behind the Blade so we will see what turnout we have.

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  @Vicki that sounds fun and like it will draw a big crowd.

Anna - IHLS:  @Sandy , thank you. @Vicki I want to come, that sounds like a lot of fun. @Erin that is fantastic news. I know you have looked at several options over the years . a pavillion will be nice. Where will you be placing it?

Anna - IHLS:  Erin, I know you have done online auctions etc. Anyone else planning a fund reaiser?

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  It will be in the front yard, close to the road.  We hope to someday expand the building.  That will fill up the space between the current building and the pavilion.

Ginger - Athens:  Book sale in April!

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  We're planning our Trivia Night for the first time since 2020.  That's our big fundraiser.  And we have fun with it so we've missed it.  It will be March 26th.

Leah Gregory, IHLS:  I have missed trivia nights so much during the pandemic.

Vicki M Carr South Macon Public Library:  We hope people will turn up. He also has 2 children's books so if this goes well, we will highlight them also.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  Our Publicity committee is planning a book sale during the City-wide yard sale in April.

Anna - IHLS:  @Erin, you need to have a big celebration when it is ready for use. Yes an expansion would be great for you. I like the trivia night program. Those are fun. @Gingr is this your first book sale since COVID or have you been doing them earlier?

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  @Leah me too!  I'm excited

Anna - IHLS:  Vicki and Jo those ideas are great!

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  My problem is finding my notes on who to have as presenters. That stuff tend to get lost if you don't use it all the time.

Ginger - Athens:  @Anna we've done book sales all along. They were outside a couple times.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  Book sale and community grage sales in April

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  For summer programs we are going to try Checkers Library TV for the first time.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  Our Friends will be having a book sale in April

Anna - IHLS:  @Dill, that is true and since the pandemic things have changed. DU will be the first week of June in person and in Springfield. They found that the caterer they have used for years has gone out of business. Don't worry, I will be sharing more information about DU as soon as I get it. It is open to new directors or people who have never gone. to one, either in person or online, before.

Sherry Waldrep - Allerton PL:  @Anna - I'm going to pencil in the first week of June - thanks for the heads up. I've heard great things and really want to attend

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Diana Donahoo----that looks interesting!

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Sherry - YES!  Go!  It is well worth it!

Anna - IHLS:  @Ginger, sorry I do remember that . You had good attendance too, if I am remembering correctly. @ Michelle the book /garage  sale usually are fun .

Sandy West - RLCA:  I do like the options that I have seen coming out of PLA and ALA to offer a digital conference registration. 

Anna - IHLS:  @Diana, it does look fun. @Sherry, I will make sure you get more information when I get it.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Sandy----absolutely!

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  Please let us all know how Checkers TV goes. I get ads for them all the time...

Anna - IHLS:  @Sandy, I hope that hybrid conferences with both options continue. I think it gives more people an opportunity to attend.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  I was hoping Reaching Forward South would allow remote attendance. Anyone know if that is available? I didn't see it, but I am hoping I just overlooked it. Remote is really the way of the future for much of what we do, I do believe. And yes, I will be the first to say it doesn't compare to actually being there!

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  I know I was able to attend when normally I am too busy with things at the library.

Anna - IHLS:  I have been approached by someone from a small rural library in RAILS about having another online panel discussion for the ILA SARL Forum about how to cope with the Per CApita Grant requirement regarding doing the Standards every year.

Anna - IHLS:  Would that be of interest?

Leah Gregory, IHLS:  I agree that remote is going to be a big part of the future. It does allow so many more to participate, but of course you lose some of the experience by not being there.

Kami Komm - Germantown:  I would be interested in a Per Capita grant overview.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  I would attend the per capita grant presentation

Sandy West - RLCA:  @Michelle I agree, being remote for conference is not the same and I do miss that netwroking. But,  for us, it comes down to not enough staff, only two people now. No part-timers or student workers.  And, for the college as a whole, finding students who want to be student workers has been a major struggle.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  Our local Lion's Club and Ladies of Catlin women's group helped to fund the construction of  a shaded pavilion with a concrete floor last year.  It is basically a carport with storage on one end.  We are installing a couple of ceiling fans and will have electricity installed as well.  We are going to have an open house celebration this spring to thank everyone who helped to make this vision a reality.   We had to wait for 5 months for the steel structure because of supply issues on the manufacturer's side of things.  I am so very thankful to have such a supportive community.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Kathleen Bennett and Erin Steinsultz----please send pictures!  If you can share them, it will provide options for other libraries.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Sandy, I have only a few staff as well and sometimes the location of the conference just doesn't make it feasible for everyone. It is 2 hrs from my house this year.

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  @Ellen Will do.  @Kathleen that is great!

Anna - IHLS:  @@Kami and Michelle thank you for the feedback. @Sandy,i think that is a very valid point. I have followed how some libraries are not able to fund staff at pre-covid levels because of rising costs including minimum wage increases and they have reduced hors as well. I think attending remotely becomes increasingly more attractive.. Sorry to hear that about student workers. @Kathleen that is fantastic and it sounds very practical and a good fit for your needs.

Anna - IHLS:  Jo did you get the radiators all fixed?

Ginger - Athens:  Stepping back a few topics, what time of day have you offered teen programming successfully? We did early afternoon last year. I may repeat but wondered if there are times that work better for that age group

Anna - IHLS:  Does anyone have anything that is bothering or causing them concern that the system might help with?  WE might not have an immediate fix but it helps us to have things on our radar.

Mary S.:  Do any of you carry Cyber Liability insurance? We have for the last couple of years. I just received the invoice today and it has more than doubled!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Mary S:  Are you Mary Stoner?  We want to give you credit for attending and we can't until we can be sure of who you are?

Mary S.:  Yes. I'm Mary Stoner.

Ginger - Athens:  Did anyone ever check with a lawyer about what is required to be listed on the Statement of Economic Interest? I remember it being discussed but wasn't sure there was a clear resolution Kami Komm - Germantown:  Was there a definite answer as to whether or not board members needed to have anti-sexual harassment training?

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin:  @Mary No, but we just received our Kaspersky anti-virus renewal notice from Lazerware.  I'd really like to go a different direction than this company. 

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Anna - We only had the radiator that cracked replaced.  That was an $8000 expense.  I just hope and pray that the other 11 radiators never crack.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  @ Ellen: I am not sure that I can load the photo of the shade pavilion onto this chat.   If someone could give me a heads up as to how I can do that, I would appreciate it.  I tried compressing the photo to a zip file and copy and paste but that did not work.  Tech is not my strong point, obviously:/

Anna - IHLS:  Please register for our upcoming Members Matter. This month's special topic: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - Part Two a presentation by Christine Westerlund on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion followed by updates by the Illinois State Library,  the administrative, delivery, communications and membership staff of IHLS; and the SHARE consortium. Continuing the Part One discussion, this session will share approaches for inclusion and the need to build a culture of civility, acceptance and respect.  It will be at 10 on March 17. Here is the link

Mary S.:  I've had my board do the anti-sexual harassment training the last two years. I believe it is now law for elected officials to do so.

Leah Gregory, IHLS:  The first half was amazing. I can't wait for the second of of the EDI presentation.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Kathleen, you don''t have to share it here---e-mail is find.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  @ Ellen: Great - thanks:)

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  @Kristina--I have been doing some research on Kaspersky and I'm having trouble finding any recent information on Russia concerns related to the creator. It was a big issue in 2018-19. But not a lot after that.

Sherry Waldrep - Allerton PL:  @Mary and @Kristina - we use Webroot Secure anywhere as our anti-virus. Our IT recommends it

Carol B. Daugherty:  Anna..this is my bother right now;) Tuesday I celebrated my 19th year as director at Daugherty PLD. This makes me one of the oldies I believe. I figure I only have 10 more years before I can retire. Lord help me!

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin:  Eugene Kaspersky came out yesterday with his neutrality. Last week's Economist mentioned that most western organizations have abandoned this product after the Dept. of Homeland Security asked them to.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  @ Ginger: I looked online for tips for filling out the economic interest statements and found what looked to be easy to understand language on the U of I ethics webpage.  I sent it to our County Clerk's office to see if I could "safely" pass it on to my board to help them with the new forms and I am still waiting to hear back from them.  They did say they were having their attorney look it over.

Mary S.:  I'm looking at cyber insurance not anti-virus software. Just wondered if anyone else carried this type of insurance. It's become so expensive I don't know if we can keep carrying it.

Sandy West - RLCA:  @Anna will the session be recorded on 3/17?  I'm out of the office that day, so I didn't want to register and take a spot for someone who can attend.

Anna - IHLS:  @Kami, it states that Trustees have to take the training every year like the library staff. The ISL also said that as well but when I mentioned some libraries were told by their lawyers they didn't have to  the state said that to be on the safe side libraries might want to talk to their attorneys. I am not sure where to go for the definitive answer. i guess I can see if the Department of Human Rights who were charged with creating training and who host the free online training might have any advise. I will continue to investigate.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Kathleen----could you please send us that link?

Kami Komm - Germantown:  @ Anna, Thank you for the info.  I will bring it up at the next meeting just so they are aware of it.

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  We have recently added cyber insurance. I hadn't worried about it in the past, but it is a bigger issue these days.

Anna - IHLS:  @Carol, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I figure I can never retire. The library will be lucky to have you at the helm for another 10 years.

Anna - IHLS:  @Sandy, it will be recorded and we have plenty of seats. Christine does such an excellent job, I hope all can attend.

Mary S.:  Thanks Esther!

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  @ Ellen :

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  Has anyone ever had a problem with moles?  (The rodent variety.)  This winter, they have outdone themselves tunneling through our lawn..

Anna - IHLS:  @Esther is that through your regular carrier or is it  from a specialized carrier?

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  @ Ellen: This is the actual link to the handy tips

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  @Anna--That would be a question for Bill. He asked me if I thought we should get it and I said yes. He took care of the rest.

Anna - IHLS:  @Jo, I worked at a place that we all thought was haunted but it turned out  to be ground hogs burrowing around under the building. We just hire professional pekt removers.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Thanks, Kathleen.

Leah Gregory, IHLS:  Anna, lol.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Anna...that is too funny!

Leah Gregory, IHLS:  I think I'd rather have ghosts than moles, honestly.

Kyla (she/her) - Mississippi Valley LD:  @Mary S. & @ Anna Our cyber liability insurance carrier gave notice to us last year that they wouldn't be renewing our policy (they were moving away from cyber policies).  We had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get coverage through a new carrier, and it cost a lot more than our prior coverage.  I'm now talking to LIRA about getting a quote for moving all of our liability insurance over to them; don't know yet if it'll be cost effective

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Anna, that is funny!  I'm pretty sure these aren't as big as groundhogs!  The two professional pest control companies gave me two completely different solutions.  Just trying to decide what is the best one.

Anna - IHLS:  @Michelle and Leah that was only have of the problem, we did have a printer go crazy one night and print "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." over and over again.

Leah Gregory, IHLS:  That sounds like a hacker, Anna.

Anna - IHLS:  We may have had both a ghost and a ground hog.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  LOL....I worked at a library once where the elevator would move floors all by itself. It was fun after hours when that happened.

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  @Anna how fitting for a library ghost to be a Stephen King fan lol

Carol B. Daugherty:  When I am in the library by myself I always swear there is a ghost in it.  Ohhh the life of a librarian.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  Too bad Barclay isn't haunted...I might be able to do tours on the side and raise a little extra money. hehe

Sandy West - RLCA:  Have a fantastic afternoon everyone!

Anna - IHLS:  @Erin, as long as it wasn't the twins from the overlook I was OK with it.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  I don't know about ghosts, but the children who participated in our Stuffy Sleepover believe the library has magic to make their stuffed animals come to life!

Kami Komm - Germantown:  I worked at an Air Force Library where the building was an old cavalry barracks.  We had a ghost named Sam and you could hear his spurs  make noise.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Jo, that is too cute!

Leah Gregory, IHLS:  You could host ghost tours/story hours. That would be hugely popular, and who better than a library who can get the juicy background stories.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Kami...I would love that!

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Leah...would be great around Halloween!

Anna - IHLS:  I think we may have discussed an October Haunted Library Tour  here before. I would certainly participate as a tourist.

Mary S.:  Thanks Kyla.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Anna, that we be so fun...

Leah Gregory, IHLS:  My family loves ghost tours and gatherings. We have been to them all over the place.

Anna - IHLS:  @Jo, libraries are magical and I am glad the children could see that.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Looks like it's 2:00 o'clock.  We should all take a break and enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes!  See you next week!

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  :-)

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  Bye everyone!

Carol B. Daugherty:  Have a great rest of your day everyone

Mary S.:  Bye!

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Anna - check out our facebook page for pictures from that evening

Anna - IHLS:  Bye all, thanks for spending the time with us.  Have a great week and enjoy the nicer weather.