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Edwardsville Hub Repairs in June

Illinois Heartland Library System

Published : May. 31, 2024

The IHLS Edwardsville hub will soon undergo parking lot and tuckpointing repairs. We are currently waiting for notifications from two contractors to inform us when they are ready to start our projects, but we expect this work to be finished in June.

Parking Lot

The parking lot repairs will involve a complete mill, a 2-inch overlay, and re-striping of new lines, which means that the Edwardsville building will be inaccessible to staff or members for a minimum of two days. As a result, delivery operations cannot operate during these specific parking lot repairs because there is no driving access to the building. However, office staff will work remotely during this time. 


The tuckpointing repairs will include a complete power disconnect from the building for a portion of the work around the power supply line. Member services should not be impacted, as staff has planned to ensure the generator can operate during the power service disconnect. If any problems are encountered during the power disconnect, disruptions may occur. Delivery will be able to operate if there are no issues with the generator that day.

Given that we have yet to be informed of an exact date for these repairs to begin, we do not have the closure dates to announce. We will notify you via the standard delivery alerts when these delivery closure days occur. Please make sure you subscribe to these alerts. We will do our best to inform all members once we have additional information.