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New System for Delivery Alerts

Illinois Heartland Library System

Published : Dec 01, 2023

Winter weather is quickly approaching, and we want to ensure you are aware of any route delays, closures, or building closures. This year, we have two methods to communicate these closures.

TextSign up to the normal text alert system.

Email – New this year! Designate yourself as a System Delivery Contact in the Library Directory and Learning Calendar (L2) website, and you will automatically receive emails as they relate to your route. As many staff as needed can be assigned as the system delivery contact to receive these email notifications. Each staff member (or the director) must make the system delivery contact change on the staff member's individual profile. If a system library contact is not selected by January 1, 2024, IHLS Delivery staff will automatically choose the Library Director as the system delivery contact.

Questions about this process? Please reach out to the Delivery & Facilities Director.



How to Designate Yourself a System Delivery Contact

  1. Navigate to the Library Directory and Learning Calendar (L2) website and log in with your username and password. You must have an active L2 account in order to designate yourself as a System Delivery Contact.

Screenshot of step 1

  1. After logging in, under the Account dropdown menu, select MY DASHBOARD.

Screenshot of step 2

  1. Underneath the Affiliations heading and in the Location box, find and select EDIT.

Screenshot of step 3

  1. Scroll down to the Key Contact – Regional System section and check the SYSTEM DELIVERY CONTACT checkbox.

Screenshot of step 4

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select SAVE.

Screenshot of step 5

To Designate Multiple System Delivery Contacts

To add multiple people, each person, must mark themselves as a System Delivery Contact change on their individual profile. Alternately, the library's L2 Library Administrator, usually the library director, can mark individual staff members as System Delivery Contacts. As many staff members as needed can be assigned as a System Delivery Contact.







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