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Delivery Resources

Delivery Resources for IHLS Members


Find what IHLS Delivery route your library is on—and what other libraries are on the same route—on our Routes page.

Routes change periodically and may vary each day due to library delivery frequency requests.

View Routes

    Delivery News

    To get the latest IHLS Delivery news, read the latest delivery articles, sign up for the IHLS Official Business and Member Connection newsletter email lists, or subscribe to our emergency/inclement weather text alerts.

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    Delivery Guidelines & Acceptable Items

    For quick and efficient interlibrary delivery service that also keeps library items safe from damage and people safe from injury, IHLS libraries are asked to abide by a set of Delivery Guidelines.

    View Delivery Guidelines and Acceptable Items

    Unidentified Items

    Are you missing an item? Does one of these items belong to you?

    View Unidentified Items

    Forms and Documents

    Looking for a transit slip, request form, or another interlibrary delivery resource?


    Delivery Help Desk

    Need to change your library's delivery schedule? Want to request an alternate school delivery start/end date? Need additional help?

    Contact the Delivery Help Desk

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